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Jaclyn McPherson

Graphic Design St Catharines and Niagara. VPDM Digital Marketing. Jaclyn McPherson.Digital Content Strategist


“I thrive on projects where I can fully utilize my creativity and have my ideas come to life”


Jaclyn is a Google Analytics Certified, McMaster University graduate who’s embraced the all-encompassing phenomenon that is social media, both personally and professionally.

Having received her Bachelor of Arts, majoring in both Communication Studies as well as Cultural Studies, Jaclyn possesses a broad range of knowledge pertinent to today’s modern and technology-based world of digital marketing.

Google Analytics Certified Strategist - VPDM Digital Marketing Toronto, Niagara, Hamilton.She has always been quick to jump on the latest social media trends, and excels at discovering and establishing the best means of contact with her followers, as well as potential followers.

Specializing in creating content, graphic design and social marketing and advertising strategy, Jaclyn enjoys a challenge and looks forward to developing eye-catching images and original written work.

With an additional background in Art History and Visual Arts, Jaclyn has “the eye” for design and shines in opportunities where she can make use of her talents. Whether the design is intricate and bold, or simple and to the point, she loves creating a style specific for the client.

Prior to joining the team at VPDM, Jaclyn worked in the Niagara Wine Industry for three years, engaging in social media and marketing tactics, and enjoying the occasional glass of wine (or two).

Jaclyn has a proven track record of success with past clients, nearly doubling the social engagement in just under a year and is always striving to keep the clients as happy as possible.

On her Instagram feed, she can typically be found exploring new places, visiting local wineries, and perfecting the perfect pizza.

Her experience with graphic design and social media marketing campaigns is an asset to VPDM Digital Marketing.

Jaclyn always has her iPhone close by and is always up for discussing new ideas and putting those ideas into action.

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