5 Reasons Advertising on Social Media Works

why advertising on social media works

This is a follow up to my last post titled 11 Tips To Advertise On Social Media Sites.

As I wrote recently, shifting digital advertising budgets over to advertising on social media sites is a smart move for any brands looking to maximize the ROI on their digital marketing and search engine optimization efforts.

I’ve done this recently with a client. I was asked to cut their marketing budget by a significant amount. After considering options, I decided to shift my digital strategy focus over to attracting leads with the client’s remarkable content. This business is fortunate to have a treasure trove of unlimited content that connects with their fans and friends of their fans.

We cut out a lot of print advertising and some outdoor. I moved that budget in to Facebook’s Promoted Posts and Sponsored Stories as well as Twitter’s Promoted Tweets.

I’m achieving greater engagement with each Promoted Post mainly because by paying Facebook, I’m able get access to more of the client’s fans and friends of fans to see the post.

That coupled with the fact that the content is relevant and sharable creates more views and therefore potential more ‘likes’ and shares on Facebook. This activity increases the brand’s reach on the 1 Billion+ users strong social network.

Will advertising on social media networks help your business?

Here are 5 Reasons Why Advertising on Social Media Works:

1. Ads On Social Media Networks Are Inconspicuous

While they are noted as being “Sponsored” or “Promoted” each paid post or tweet still looks and feels like it’s just another post or tweet. It doesn’t look like in your face advertising. Above all, the ad is likely very relevant to the user as that’s how Facebook and Twitter target the ads – based on the usage pattern and interests of each user.

2. Ads On Social Media Are Relevant

The public has learned to tune out ads because they tend of not offer us anything we’re interested in or in the market for. Those days are gone due to Promoted Tweets and Facebook Posts.

Advertisers can now micro-target users based on literally hundreds of different interests from Kool-Aid and craft beer to space travel and cupcake eating.

So it’s money well spent considering everyone who see’s your ad will more than likely be interested in your product or service.

3. The Numbers Show Social Media Advertising Works

Why are many multinationals and SMBs using advertising on Facebook and Twitter to drive revenue and increase their customer base? It’s simple, advertising on social media sites work.

Remember banner ads? Name the last 3 you saw. Name the last one you clicked on and when. My feeling is that banner ads are essentially ignored these days.

TechCrunch states:

“While click-through rates on display ads started out at around 9% in 2000, they now hover around 0.2% – which means 99.8% of banner ads are completely ignored.”

Promoted Tweets seem to have better engagement than Facebook Sponsored Posts.
AdWeek.com says:

Promoted Tweets “typically see 1-3 percent engagement rates on desktop and even higher on mobile.” That at least matches but more likely trumps the clickthrough rates (CTR) for ads that run within the Facebook News Feed. The company said last week that Facebook’s mobile ads average a 1.14 percent CTR while Sponsored Story ads that only run in the desktop News Feed average 0.588 percent.”

4. Social Media Advertising is Super Flexible

With the amount of people in the world ‘plugged in’ and connected online 24 hours a day, everyday, a keen brand can jump on latest news events, pop culture happenings, short lived trends, etc and create a Promoted Tweet or Sponsored Post tied in to some viral event or meme.

The ability to switch up your advertising copy on the fly and push it out to a global audience at any time, gives you the ability to A/B promotions, switch up promotions mid campaign, analyze what ads are working best and driving more traffic to your website.

5. Social Media Ads Will Be Shared

The much sought after, much valued “share”. This could be an actual “share” on Facebook or a ReTweet (RT) on Twitter. It’s what we all want isn’t it?

After all the more your content is shared, the more people see that piece of content and once they like or share that content your audience for that post and each subsequent post grows. Talk about the value of compelling, sharable content.

Convincing Stats

Still not convinced advertising on social media works? Or maybe you’re humming and hawing over shifting your budget into unchartered territory. Fair play, that’s understandable.

Spending on social media “native” advertising will increase from $4.6 billion in 2012 to $9.2 billion in 2016 according to this article by adweek.com. “Native Ads” or ‘social native ads’ are Facebook and Twitter advertising, where “Display Ads” or ‘social display ads’ are banner advertising.

A Feb 2013 stats from Neilsen states that three quarters of all advertisers have moved into paid social media advertising and pulled budgets from banners ads and other digital marketing.

What are you waiting for?

If you need some help planning and executing your campaign, email me and I’ll take care of you.