The 25 Best Inventions of 2013

Einstein: Best Inventions of 2013New Stuff Kicks Ass!

I love innovation. I love technology. I live tenacity and persistence. Both innovations and technology demand determination.

I also love really cool inventions. Especially for such things that you likely never even thought about, ever. Today I found a video from summarizing the 25 Best Inventions of 2013.

“What makes an invention great? Sometimes it solves a problem you didn’t think could be solved. Skyscrapers can’t turn invisible. Pens can’t write in midair. Paraplegics can’t walk. Except now they can.

And sometimes an invention solves a problem you didn’t know you had. Maybe you didn’t realize you needed to eat a doughnut and a croissant at the same time, or resurrect an extinct frog, or turn your entire body into a living password. Now you do.

Want a list of the best things that were invented in 2013? Now you have one. Just keep reading.”

The video, which you’ll find at the bottom of this article, introduces us to 5 of the Top 25 inventions of 2013. Before you watch it, allow me to introduce you to 3 of my favourites.

Awesome Inventions of 2013

The Edible Password Pillthe edible password pill

This one is just completely totally insane crazy. Which is why I had to list it first! We all know how hard it is to keep track of the many passwords we have for our many different online accounts.

Motorola has a crazy cool solution for us though. The Edible Password Pill. WTF right? If you’re thinking that we’d all take one pill daily you’re right.

“the pill consists of a tiny chip that uses the acid in your stomach to power it on. Once activated, it emits a specific 18-bit EKG-like signal that can be detected by your phone or computer, essentially turning your body into a password. Though the pill has cleared the major hurdle of acquiring FDA approval, it’s not scheduled to hit shelves anytime soon. Motorola, however, is owned by Google, so perhaps sometime in the future, logging in to Gmail will be as easy as swallowing a pill.”

Can you imagine??


The Cronutthe cronut

I want this now! Introducing the cronut – a pasty similar to a croissant but fried like a doughnut. Inside it’s filled with cream and topped with a glaze. “New York City chef Dominique Ansel started selling it in May. His recipe inspired imitations around the world, and customers proved willing to wait hours for a taste; scalpers were even hawking the $5 treats for up to $40.”

Bring a version to Timmies! Today. Please.


The Artificial Pancreasthe artificial pancreas

This one has to be in my favs because I’ve been a Type 1 diabetic for 30 years. I’d love to have one of these. Along with a couple of those cronut’s mentioned above! Today!

“It’s the first device approved by the FDA that detects dropping sugar levels and shuts off regular insulin delivery for Type 1 diabetics, just like a real pancreas. Too much insulin, which is common at night, can lead to life-threatening diabetic comas.”

Sign Me Up!

There are 22 more awesome inventions and you can view them as a slideshow or as a list of links.

Here’s the video where Time shares 5 of their favs. They are all different than mine listed above.


So what are your Top 3  inventions of 2013?