Awesome SEO Gets a Blogger Fined For Negative Review

blogger fined for negative review


French Blogger Fined for Review Ranked “Too Highly”


Can an well optimized site rank too high? VPDM Digital explores the case of the fined French blogger Caroline Doudet – the blogger fined for negative review.

As the internet has become an insanely vast space used by individuals and businesses alike, it has become much more difficult to get your site noticed on the web. Have you heard about the blogger fined for a negative review?

Without SEO, your website is more than likely to get sucked into the vortex of the internet, sent to another galaxy, and lost forever in the deep outer corners of the universe (also known as anywhere past Google’s 3rd results page).


Why Your Website Needs SEO


What If Good SEO Makes Your Page Rank Too High?

So, you already know that SEO is important for your site. Obviously, the goal is to try and appear at the top of search engine results in order to direct traffic to your site over the sites of your potential competitors.

But what happens if you’re ranking too high?

Too high? Is this even possible?!

Apparently, yes.

A French Blogger Found Out The Hard Way

According to BBC News, a blogger based out of France was recently fined €2,500 for having a restaurant review that ranked too highly on search engines.

Caroline Doudet, who operates a fashion and literature blog by the name of Cultur’elle was sued by the restaurant owner of Il Giardino in the Aquitaine region of southwestern France after she wrote a blogpost entitled “The Place To Avoid In Cap-Ferret: Il Giardino”.

The review rated the restaurant poorly and since Cultur’elle has what the judge ruled as a “large following” (just under 3,000 people) it was one of the first Google search results under the restaurant’s name.

il-giardino-caroline-doudet-free-speechAlthough Caroline deleted the post, she was ordered by a judge in Bordeaux to pay the restaurant owner €1,500 (just over $2,000).

So maybe the old saying doesn’t stick: not all publicity is good publicity. Especially in the case of a bad restaurant review..


But, if the internet is a space of “free speech,” should she have been fined? And is it fair to have a post taken down just because it is “negative”?


What are your thoughts?


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