Exposure To Brand Tweets Drives Action Online and Offline

Twitter Brand Tweets StatisticsTwitter Study Proves Brand Tweets Drive Consumer Action

Interesting news from Twitter this week that should appeal to social media marketers, consultants, agencies and their clients. They partnered with The Advertising Research Foundation, FOX, and DB5 to conduct a study entitled “Discovering the Value of Earned Audiences – How Twitter Expressions Activate Consumers.” The good news is, it’s all about brand tweets and statistics and there is some great news for brands. Well, good news fro brands who Tweet anyway.

Twitter says the study was designed to discover how exposure to a brand mention in a Tweet affects the actions of consumers online and offline. Not sure about you, but to me, this sounds like valuable data.


Twitter Study and Brand Statistics

The study took a random sample of people within 24 hours of primetime presence on Twitter. “Presence” is defined as a user being logged in to Twitter during primetime TV hours – 8p-11p. I found it interesting that they really held to the ‘random’ sample, in that no screening questions were used, they just wanted to connect with people who love using Twitter at the time where TV is most popular or relevant.

The sample was made up of over 12,000 men and women, across all age groups and devices – both on mobile and desktop. This study really shows the true influence of earned media – i.e. how TV and brand related Tweets affect consumer behaviour. There were three key findings from this study, let’s look at each here.


Exposure To Brand Tweets Drives Consumer Action

An infographic follows below with full details, but for now, here are the three key findings from the study:

1. Brands are an integral part of regular conversation on Twitter.

If brands, SMB’s, and marketers don’t realize it yet, people actually follow and engage with brands on Twitter. It tends to be more so with brands they care more about. If you’re sharing useful and relevant content, you could easily maintain and grow your faithful tribe.

Twitter users like to engage in one-on-one conversations with brands they like as well as get unique access to news, product updates, and special offers. The data just gets better: Twitter users not only follow brands, they talk about them with their friends both online and offline. This creates valuable earned media through social platforms. Booyah!

The study reports that:

1. 80% of the Twitter users mentioned a brand in their Tweets.

2. 50% had mentioned brands in their Tweets 15 times or more over a 7-month period.

3. 99% of Twitter users were exposed to a brand-related Tweet in the month of January alone. 99% bro! Let me here you say you “don’t need Twitter” now.


Key takeaways for brands: Twitter offers brands not only an owned and paid channel to spread their messages at scale but also serves as a powerful platform for earned media. Tactics like adding #hashtags to other media such as TV ads, as well as engaging key audiences in one-to-one interactions can help drive volume and quality of earned media conversation.


2. Consumers take action both online and offline after seeing brand mentions in Tweets.

This is the most amazing news and helps us social media marketing consultants and agencies show ROI. Turns out over half of Twitter users reported that they have taken action after seeing brand mentions in Tweets (54%). These consumers don’t just take action on Twitter, infact, it’s way beyond Twitter.

The two top actions users took were:

1. 23% visited the brand’s website.

2. 20% visited the brand’s Twitter page.

I loved, loved, loved this part. Check this out:

“Brand Tweet exposure also drives online search for the brand (20%) as well as brand consideration with 19% of Twitter users in the study saying they’d consider trying the brand. Tweets that mention a brand also frequently spark earned media: 18% of study respondents retweet Tweets mentioning brands.”

If you’re wondering about what age groups create this engagement, the research revealed all age groups take action after exposure to brand-related Tweets, with a range from 41% – 59%.

The younger respondents reported the highest likelihood to take some action, at 56% for 18-24 years olds and 59% for 13-17 years olds (vs. 54% average across all ages).


Key takeaways for brands: Since Tweet exposure drives actions across platforms including searching, engagement and purchase, integrate Tweet messages and calls to action with campaigns on other media (TV, search, other social media, other owned destinations).


3. The source of the Tweet containing a brand mention affects consumer actions.

The third key finding is interesting as well. Tweets from brands and Tweets from non-brand sources successfully drive action among consumers (45% and 63% respectively), but combining the two is ultimately more powerful.

In fact, 79% of those who recall seeing Tweets from both the brand itself and Twitter users tweeting about brands have taken some brand action online or offline.


Key takeaway for brands: Complement earned media with owned and paid messages as the combination tends to drive greater consumer action and maximize return on your efforts.

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