Performance Marketing With Facebook Custom Audiences

The following is Facebook marketing case study illustrating how to significantly increase engagement on Facebook – without increasing your cost per conversion.

Our team of digital and social marketing strategists crafted and implemented digital marketing tactics such as performance marketing and social media retargeting to achieve our goal. 


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Executive Summary

After spending countless hours in Facebook Insights and Google Analytics analyzing the results from our contest campaigns over the past 5 months, we identified and developed a social media strategy to better engage our client’s current customers.

We also needed to make sure we accomplished this within budget while significantly increasing user engagement and maintaining, or improving on, a predetermined CPC and CPA.

By using custom audience targeting in Facebook’s AdManager, and targeting only our client’s customer email list, we reached 2,065 qualified potential customers and completed the contest with a cost of $0.37 per contest entry (CPA). 

In addition to thousands of impressions and shotgun targeted reach, this Facebook marketing strategy produced over 70 positive reviews from our client’s customers, in return for a chance to win an awesome pair of NHL hockey tickets (12 rows up from ice level!)

Our Challenge

The challenge was to increase engagement while staying within budget. We’ had set aside a lifetime budget of $500/month for all Facebook and Instagram advertising.

We also needed to keep all existing campaigns running while adding this new contest campaign, and maintaining a CPA of $0.40.

Our Goals

The first goal for this campaign was to obtain more than 50 positive customer reviews from our client’s existing customer base.

The second goal was to inform existing customers of our client’s Facebook page, while increasing overall engagement.

The third goal was to make or break a CPA of $0.40.

We focused our strategy on using our client’s current customer email list. We uploaded that list to AdManager and used Facebook Custom Audiences to create a hyper targeted and highly qualified audience.

The main goal of this campaign was to obtain positive customer reviews from the client’s customer base. If we’re able to do that we’d also be able to increase their organic following in order to lower cost per acquisition (CPA) in future campaigns.

Our Results & ROI

  • Budget: $70.00
  • Timeline: 6 days // 01.31.17 – 02.05.17
  • Customer Reach: 2,065
  • Customer Reviews: 72
  • Page Likes: 22
  • CPA: $0.37

This campaign took place over the period of 6 days, beginning on January 31, 2017 and ending on February 5, 2017.

With spending only $70.00 overall on the campaign, we received over 70 positive reviews for our client, received 22 new qualified page likes and achieved a CPA of only $0.37.


It’s clear that targeting an existing customer base on social media, using Facebook Custom Audiences is a super effective tactic to increase engagement and Page likes. Your main challenge will be maintaining your CPC and CPA so as not to increase your client’s advertising budget.

Analyzing these results of this campaign proves the success behind digital strategy and using custom audience targeting to achieve ours and our client’s goals.

Click to download the case study for free!