Weinkeller - VPDM case study

VPDM Digital Case Study

Weinkeller. From Zero to 3-months.

How & Why Content, Search, and Social Are Your Keys To Internet Marketing Success


Weinkeller and Chris Dobson, Owner/Operator.


Weinkeller is Niagara Falls newest Winery and Restaurant. It’s a craft winery and fresh food experience. A functional winery is right on the premises squeezing out vats of wine daily. This is a first of its kind in Canada.


5633 Victoria Av, Niagara Falls, ON. One block East of Clifton Hill.


VPDM began work crafting the Weinkeller digital marketing strategy in early 2013.


Client needed significant digital presence built with a proven strategy for website, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), social media optimization (SMO), and Blog writing and optimization.

The Challenge: Use proven VPDM strategies to build Weinkeller’s internet presence to increase exposure, get people talking and sharing, drive traffic to the website, and convert through reservations. The social media management will be set up then eventually handed off to Weinkeller management for a pre-determined time. VPDM will then work with Weinkeller to manage, strategize, create, and optimize content for Weinkeller’s social media.

The Bigger Challenge: We had limited content to work with, as the restaurant is brand new and under construction. We were without a final menu, photos of food, photos of the interior, the exterior, etc.


Owner, Chris Dobson came to VPDM to craft and execute his vision.

The Solution: VPDM determined that Weinkeller needed the following in order to reach its short and long term goals of: imaging, branding, a website, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media networks with optimization (SMO).

1. Imaging & Branding
  • A logo to symbolize the Weinkeller philosophy and brand.
  • A unique and uniform colour scheme on all digital and print materials.
  • The over all ‘look and feel’ (colours, fonts, photos, layouts, user experience (UX).
  • Ensuring digital elements reflect printed elements and vice versa
2. Brand New Website
  • VPDM built Weinkeller’s digital presence using a “mobile first” philosophy.
  • Strategized, designed, and built the mobile site first and adapted that to the desktop version.
  • Built the website with responsive design ensuring it renders as it should on tablets and smartphones.
  • Implemented social integration, social sharing, & social media optimization (SMO).
  • Developing a blog and content marketing strategy throughout 2013-2104.
3. Social Media
  • Build a following.
  • Connect, engage, and build relationships with fans and followers.
  • Inform fans and followers of news items related to Weinkeller.
  • Curate relevant content that fans and followers will find useful and “share worthy”.

Before coming to VPDM Weinkeller had zero digital presence. We were challenged to create compelling content from curated sources relevant to Weinkeller’s niche. Careful research and testing over three months helped VPDM launch Weinkeller online and through social media successfully.


** It’s important to note that all the statistics below are for a 3-month time period from August 1 to Oct 31, 2013, unless otherwise noted **

Website Development

VPDM developed, designed, and launched the website at www.weinkeller.ca.

The website launched September 4, 2013 and in a short period of 1-month has received 2100 unique visitors, with almost 9000 pages views, and each user visits an average of 4.3 pages/visit. The average duration spent on the website is just under 3 minutes. That’s a long time in Internet time.

Social Media Marketing

For the last 3 months, VPDM has been developing all Weinkeller social feeds, with limited content, which had been a challenge. We were able to get some content including food pictures, finished interior, and other noteworthy photographs showcasing the Weinkeller aesthetic and the Weinkeller experience.

Regardless of the content challenges, in a short 3 months VPDM has the following social media stats for Weinkeller.

> Facebook

  • The Facebook page has quickly grown to almost 500 likes ORGANICALLY.
  • Approximately 300 people are engaged weekly.
  • Average weekly reach is roughly 2,500 people.
  • Average monthly impressions are 18,500+ people.
  • We intend to grow all of this for the next 3 months.

> Twitter

  • Feed has almost 1000 qualified followers and grows weekly.
  • We intend to grow all of this for the next 3 months.

> Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+

  • All developing well and we’ll continue to grow these channels.

For a brand new social media campaign that started from zero and only 3 months in, these stats are pretty darn good!


VPDM has slowly turned over social media management and content creation/curation to Weinkeller management and offers them continued consulting and training.

The intention was always to set up the business with an local focused, tourist friendly, Internet presence and hand over all social media content creation and community management to the client at a mutually determined time.

VPDM still manages the Weinkeller website and regularly consults with Weinkeller management and ownership on digital marketing strategy, social media optimization (SMO), as well as content creation and curation. We’ll be back on their social media in 2014.

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