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Facebook Pages Get a Helpful New Update

Businesses Manage Client Expectations With the Help of Facebook Pages With the ultimate goal of getting brands to conduct more business on Facebook, a new range of Page features have recently been released by Facebook. The new features have been designed to help businesses better personalize their Pages and improve the overall customer experience. Page Responsiveness

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Social Media Image Sizes Chart VPDM Digital Marketing

Stop Guessing at Social Media Image Sizes

A Guide to Social Media Image Sizes When it comes to sharing content on social media, there’s no doubt that content with images which fit optimal social media image sizes get more engagement. Studies have shown that images are much more easy to consume for users. Marketers are able to use this to their advantage to

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Facebook Video Update. Floating Window. VPDM Digital Marketing St.Catharines.

Facebook Video Update Enhances User Video Experience

Time For Your Facebook Video Marketing Strategy With some announcements made recently, Facebook’s video experience is kicking it into high gear and ready to take on YouTube. Is your facebook video marketing strategy ready? YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world, and obvious leader in video viewing, Facebook intends to have their new

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Facebook Moves Towards E-Commerce Shopping Application Easy Shop on Mobile Device Niagara Falls VPDM Digital Marketing

Facebook Moves Towards E-commerce

There is no denying that people spend most of their time online, or rather, on their mobile devices. Sure, people use the internet to connect and friend on various social networks, but they also connect with brands and discover new products whether they want to or not. Why Facebook Pushed For E-commerce Advertising has flooded

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Social Media Skills Social Marketing Tips VPDM Digital Marketing St. Catharines 2015

The Most Important Social Media Skills To Build Today

Your Most Important Social Media Skills To Build Today If everyone has social media, doesn’t everyone have social media skills? I know, I know. We all wish that were true. In reality, social media and especially social media marketing isn’t quite so simple. Social media skills in the workplace require the employee using social media

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integrating email marketing with social media

How Integrating Email Marketing With Social Media Boosts Website Conversions

Tips on Integrating Email Marketing with Social Media At VPDM Digital, we’re true believers in the power of SEO and social media marketing, we also use traditional digital marketing tactics and show how integrating email marketing with social media can boost your business website conversions. Studies prove that Email marketing is still considered to be a much

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Employees cell phones at work

Encouraging Employees to Use Cell Phones

Should Employees Use Cell Phones at Work? Immediately this does seem to go against everything employers have been telling their employees for years. Should employees use cell phones at work? Shouts of “Put away your phone!” have echoed across kitchen restaurants, winery tasting bars, and even horror house attractions. Almost every employer in every field has

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Mobile Facebook Stats and The Future

Why Facebook’s Future is the Smartphone

Mobile Facebook Stats: Why Their Future Revolves Around Smartphones Facebook has always thought of itself as a mobile company even though the world’s largest social network started out as a website. But, just Google mobile Facebook stats and you’ll see over 134,000,000 results! Back in 2012, Zuckerberg said that ““today there’s no argument: Facebook is

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facebook advertising campaign small business

Why Facebook Advertising Campaigns Are Actually Awesome

If you know anyone who runs or owns a small business, or even someone who works in digital marketing, you’ve probably talked about Facebook advertising and the many Facebook advertising options. Is Facebook an evil-genius, all-seeing, all-knowing corporation dead set on selling your personal information to the highest bidder? Not really. Should we respect their

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Engaging Social Media Post - VPDM

How To Create Engaging Social Media Posts The Easy Way

Engaging Social Media Posts Aren’t Easy To Create As social media marketers, we’ve all been there. It is time to schedule a post, and your mind draws a blank. How do I make this post engaging? How do I make it click worthy? Am I using proper grammar? We know the feeling, and it’s a

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