new twitter profile and user interface

New Twitter Profile: Testing Shows Something Eerily Familiar

New Twitter Profile & UI is Much Like Facebook, G+, and Pinterest Hey remember that change to the Twitter User Interface (UI) you read about last week, possibly on this blog? Or maybe you recall the mobile-like redesign Twitter rolled out in January? Well Twitter’s not done yet. More changes are being reported today that have

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Google Places Listing Changes - Action Required

Google Warns Local Business: You Have 3 Weeks To Update & Save Your Google Places Listing

Google’s Making Changes To Places and Maps Google dropped some major news, via email, to some businesses last week, regarding their Google Places for Business Pages and Listings. Apparently, Google is making some changes and you have 3 weeks to update and save your Google Places Listing. This is good news for everyone including all

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5 Tips To Optimize Your Google+ Local Business Page

Destroy Your Competition With Your Google+ Local Page

Blow Away Your Competition in Local Search If you didn’t make a new year’s resolution to set up and optimize your Google+ Local Page profile for your local business and it’s SEO, that could have been a good thing. I mean, who keeps resolutions anyway? But when discussing your Google+ Local Page, this is no

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Change to Gmail may bring you more spam.

New Feature, New Change To Gmail. Anyone Can Email You

A Significant Change To Gmail Google has started their new year off just as they ended last year – by making changes to its major products. This one actually has some sort of useful practicality associated with it. Yesterday, Google made a significant change to Gmail. Starting today, you will now be able to email

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social networks and usage 2013

73% Of U.S. Adults Use Social Networks. Pinterest Passes Twitter In Popularity

=””>Social Networks Update 2013 You already realize that SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing all need to part of your 2014 internet marketing strategy but you wondering how you’re going to come up with a strategy to execute and then efficiently manage this strategy on the many social networks you’ll be using. You may also be wondering which

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Content Marketing Predictions 2014

50 Content Marketing Predictions and Trends for 2014

What’s Trending in Content Marketing? Last week the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) published their annual 50 Content Marketing Predictions for 2014. They have presented this in a compact Slideshare deck, which Danny Brown originally shared last Sunday in his awesome weekly Sunday Share. Content Marketing, or Inbound Marketing, in my opinion, is the way of

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Google Location History Knows Your Every Move

Google Location History Tracks Your Every Move

Google Location History? Wait…What? You’re not going to believe this. I still can’t! Have you heard about the Google Location History Browser? This is one to file in the serious OMG, WTF category for sure. It’s so freakin’ cool but at the same time its extremely scary and sent chills up my spine. Google Knows

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Google +Post Ads Announced. Google Advertising.

Google +Post Ads Announced. Display Ad’s Rejoice. Kind Of.

Google Is In The Social Ads Game When was the last time you or anyone ever said “oh awesome look, another display ad!!!”? I’m willing to bet never. And if you have ever said it or heard it, I’d bet it was laced with sarcasm. Fact is, no one really clicks on banner ads. The

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google plus affects search results. this is why.

Google Plus Affects Search Results – It’s Official

Do You Believe Google+ Affects Search Results? I’ve been a believer in the power of Google+ as a social network since mid 2012. I’ve been trying to convince clients, contacts, social media peers, and some SEO professionals about the merits of Google+ and the fact that Google Plus affects search results, website optimization and SEO in many

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Google+ Beats Twitter

Google+ Beats Twitter on Big Websites

Google+: You Won’t Believe This One! Have you started using Google+ yet? I stumbled on something interesting today that I wanted to share with you, from the intricate and perplexing world of SEO and SMO (social media optimization). It has to do with the importance, relevance, and significance of Google+. I know I preach about Google+

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