privacy in social media - there is none

The Internet Is Forever

There is No Privacy in Social Media Anyone who works in social media marketing and content creation/curation knows, more than anyone else, how much personal information the kids are sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social networks. There is no such thing as privacy in social media. It’s not only the kids, it’s pretty

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Google Plus Local Business Page Optimization Tips

Optimize Your Google+ Local Business Profile in 5 mins

Rock Your Google+ Local Business If you own and/or operate a local, small to medium sized business, I’m sure you know all about your Google+ Local business page. At some point you must have claimed your business listing, verified ownership with Google, and then optimized your profile with descriptive and keyword rich marketing copy, images,

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search engine ranking factors revealed

Search Engine Ranking Factors Confirmed

Their Algorithm has 200 Ranking Factors Wouldn’t it be great to know what search engine ranking factors contribute to Google’s search engine ranking pages (SERPs)? What if I told you Google had actually confirmed a selection of ranking factors? I’m not sure that question will ever be answered with any sense of credibility, as there

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improving website rankings - google-s secret

Google’s Secret To Improving Website Rankings

Improving Website Rankings By Building Quality Content Years ago when first working through various SEO projects, in an effort on improving website rankings, I constantly found myself researching and reading different “rules for website optimization” articles. The more and more I read; the more I saw the emphasis to be on Link Building. For as long

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social media marketing statistics 2013

Promising Social Media Statistics 2013

2013: The Year Everything Changed What a year it’s been for Content, Search, and Social. Looking back at the past 10 months while researching for social media statistics 2013 version, I’ve realized that the work VPDM has been doing has been on pace, on track, and on trend with the ever changing and always evolving

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website optimization services after google hummingbird and penguin

Website Optimization Services After Hummingbird & Penguin 2.1

Website Optimization Services: The Zoo While most of us SEOs and digital marketers were politicking about Google’s new algorithm, Hummingbird, and the how the world of website optimization services will or will not change, the world’s largest search engine also added an update to the Penguin algorithm. Are you confused yet? Maybe you’re asking, why does

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Google Algorithm Change: Hummingbird

Google Algorithm Change Proves The Future Is Mobile

The Biggest Google Algorithm Change Last week I wrote about the latest Google algorithm change, “Hummingbird“. This update represents a major overhaul in the way the world’s largest search engine handles the 5.1 Billion searches it goes through each day. Hummingbird is an entirely new Google algorithm update, unlike Panda or Penguin, which simply changed

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google not provided increases

Google (Not Provided) = The Keyword Is Dead

100% Not Provided Google has just hammered the final nail in the keywords coffin. Last week the search engine announced they’d be encrypting (i.e. hiding!) all search data. I was like Google, WTF bro? You’re telling me that now all we’ll see when looking for keywords that are driving traffic to our websites is “Google Not Provided”

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Google Algorithm Update - Hummingbird

Google Algorithm Update: “Hummingbird” is Live

Welcome To “Hummingbird” Major news coming from Google earlier today as reported by The world’s largest search engine behemoth has announced an overhaul to its search algorithm with a brand new Google algorithm update called “Hummingbird”.   The reason for this update according to is to better cope with the longer, more complex

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google hashtags implemented in search

Google Hashtags Incorporated Into Search Results

Google Hashtags! Hashtags have been ‘all the rage’ for quite some time in my opinion. It seems that they are now officially on the minds of one of the world’s largest companies and the world’s largest search engine. That’s right, Google Hashtags in search results in now live! Google search has officially joined in on

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