content marketing for your restaurant

How To Use Content Marketing Tips For Your Restaurant

Content Marketing Tips For You I’ve been fortunate to have two clients in the restaurant business in the last year. One of which is a brand new Niagara Falls restaurant with a unique competitive advantage. My team is building everything from scratch: imaging, branding, website, social channels, SEO, content marketing strategy, etc. The owner and

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Google Plus for business

Why Google+ is Essential To Your Social Marketing

Google+ For Business – It’s Absolutely Necessary I’ve been saying this to many clients whether in consulting sessions, proposals, or face to face meetings: You must post unique and relevant content on Google+ regularly. Every day if you can. A Google+ for business profile will help your SEO efforts. I’m always met with, “I don’t need another

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seo rankings

Most Important SEO Rankings Factors [Infographic]

  UPDATE (11.11.13) Google has now confirmed approximately 200 search engine ranking factors for 2013. Read my updated article as of November 11, 2013 on Google’s Search Engine Ranking Factors confirmed. These SEO Rankings Will Surprise You In preparing with an upcoming meeting with larger client who initially was looking to improve their website’s SEO

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social media ROI

90% Of Customers Will Recommend Brands After Interacting On Social Media

Social Media Recommendation Is Social Media ROI If you’re like me you were shocked and pleasantly surprised when you read this title of this post. There is a lot of unseen value in social media ROI. According to a recent study by the Internet Advertising Bureau, 90 per cent of consumers who interact with a

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new google maps app for mobile

Google Announces a New Maps App For Smartphones and Tablets

A New Google Maps App For Mobile Today, Google announced a brand new Google maps app for android Smartphones and tablets. Don’t worry, the iPhone version is coming soon as Google knows the native Apple Maps Apps sucks and doesn’t want to leave you iOS users out in the cold. Or end up in a

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3 fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO)

How To SEO Your Website: Content, Search, Social

I’m really hoping you will enjoy this post  with useful information on how to SEO your website in 2013. Get comfy, hot coffee in hand or on the desk, and let’s get into one of the main reasons I started this Internet Marketing Agency based out of my home in Niagara Falls. Before you answer

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advertise on social media sites

11 Tips To Advertise On Social Media Sites

Digital Advertising used to be an option or an “add-on” to traditional marketing, i.e. print, radio, TV, and outdoor media. I can still hear a former client saying to me a few years ago, “Advertise on social media sites? We’ll see what we have left over in the budget after the Yellow Pages” O.o These

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website optimization tips seo spring cleaning

Website Optimization Tips: A SEO Spring Cleaning Guide

Website Optimization Tips For Spring It’s website optimization tips time! Why? It’s official, spring is here and what better time to give your website a solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) overhaul. This time of year is prime for many business sectors. One of which stands out for me is Tourism. Particularly, Niagara Falls Tourism. As

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local seo tips in niagara

7 Easy Local SEO Tips for Website Optimization

What Is Local SEO and Why Is It Important? If you’re looking for Local SEO tips, you’re in the right place. Local search is arguably a key marketing tool for SMB’s and also one of the most challenging search engine marketing strategies to implement. SEO strategies for a local business are much different than for any

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