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The Ultimiate SEO Checklist 2015 - VPDM Digital Marketing St. Catharines Niagara

Never Forget Anything About SEO Again With This Ultimate SEO Checklist for 2015

Are looking for a simple and effective SEO checklist to optimize your new website? Or maybe you need an SEO checklist for your website redesign. In this post you’ll find what we were looking for: the ultimate SEO checklist 2015. The following is a guest post from a new friend, Dennis Seymour from The Ultimate SEO

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Mobile SEO Strategy 2015 - VPDM Digital Marketing Company Niagara St. Catharines

Your Mobile SEO Strategy 2015 – The Detailed Guide [Infographic]

The Best Mobile SEO Strategy for 2015 Are you looking for the best mobile SEO strategy 2015? If you haven’t heard already, Google made it official. Mobile-friendly websites will get favoured in mobile search results – with higher mobile search rankings. This means mobile-unfriendly websites will lose their mobile search engine rankings. If your site doesn’t meet

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Local SEO For Small Businesses

11 Small Business SEO Tips Used By Your Competitors Everyday

The 11 Small Business SEO Tips You Can Use Today There’s been a lot of talk around the internet lately,regarding Mobilegeddon, especially in SEO help columns and search engine marketing forums. If you don’t know what Mobilegeddon is, or haven’t read the term, it’s essentially the biggest mobile algorithm update Google has ever unleashed. In

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Google releases the biggest mobile algorithm update ever on April 21

The Biggest Mobile Algorithm Update Ever Drops April 21

Google Unleashes New Mobile Algorithm Update By now you must have read about Google’s new mobile algorithm update which unleashes on mobile search results in a few weeks. Is your website mobile friendly? Is it mobile ready, mobile responsive, and mobile adaptive? If not, I have two important items I’d like to share with you, which

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Google Algorithm Update Makes Mobile Responsive Websites Essential to Rankings

Google Says Mobile Friendly Websites Will Rank Higher Than Mobile Unfriendly Sites

Major mobile SEO news just announced by Google: Is your website mobile responsive and adaptive to every screen? If not, you should know that Google has just quietly released a mobile algorithm update that will reward mobile responsive websites with higher search results, while punishing mobile unfriendly websites by burying or removing those sites entirely from the mobile search index.

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three different types of searches on Google

How Your Customers Use The Three Different Types of Searches on Google

The Three Different Types of Searches: What You Need To Know SEO has changed so much since I designed, coded and optimized my first website in 2004. The evolution of Google being a search engine, to more of a referral engine, as I like to call it, was an experience to witness over the years.

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Apple Watch Alters Local Search Marketing

How Apple Watch Affects Local Search Marketing

Apple Watch Changes Local Search Marketing Wearable tech. If you thought it was some crazy hipster fad that was going to come and go, you should think again. Google Glass isn’t the only wearable tech fashion with very practical use. Wearable tech is going to change local search marketing. Last week we were introduced to

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google pigeon algorithm update vpdm

Google Pigeon Algorithm Update Sinks Your Local Search Results

Local Search Changes With Google Pigeon Algorithm So did you hear about the significant change in the google algorithm that was quietly announced this week? If your digital marketing and SEO strategy involves Local SEO and Local search, you should be very interested in this new algorithm change that Search Engine Land has named Pigeon,

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mobile phone searches and local SEO

80 Percent of Mobile Phone Searches End In a Purchase.

Local Business Needs Local SEO I think it’s well known by many, if not all, small. medium, and large businesses that the future of marketing is mobile. The number of mobile phone searches that convert will blow your mind! The future of your business may lie in mobile digital marketing. Especially if you are a

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Ok Google is the future of search and computing

Ok Google Is The Future Of Search

Ok Google, So What Are You Planning? Do you remember the time, back in the day, when you heard about or your read about touch being the future of the user experience when it comes to personal computers and smartphones? Apparently, Microsoft still thinks that touch is the future of computing, and that shouldn’t surprise

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