smx advanced 2014 strategic takeaways

7 Essential Strategic Marketing Takeaways From SMX Advanced 2014

SMX Advanced 2014 Strategies You Can Implement Today So the 2014 Search Marketing Expo, otherwise known as, SMX Advanced 2014, just wrapped up in June in Seattle. I can’t wait to attend one of these and here’s to hoping next year I’ll be there. It’s a learning playground for digital marketers. So much valuable content comes

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Content Marketing Predictions 2014

50 Content Marketing Predictions and Trends for 2014

What’s Trending in Content Marketing? Last week the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) published their annual 50 Content Marketing Predictions for 2014. They have presented this in a compact Slideshare deck, which Danny Brown originally shared last Sunday in his awesome weekly Sunday Share. Content Marketing, or Inbound Marketing, in my opinion, is the way of

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what is seo?

What Is SEO? It’s Definitely Not The Same As The Old SEO

What Is SEO? It’s likely that, at some point in launching a website for your business, you asked yourself “What is SEO and why do I need it?” As you know, SEO is a complicated beast but it’s most definitely essential for your internet marketing these days. This post is designed to answer your “what is

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content marketing for your restaurant

How To Use Content Marketing Tips For Your Restaurant

Content Marketing Tips For You I’ve been fortunate to have two clients in the restaurant business in the last year. One of which is a brand new Niagara Falls restaurant with a unique competitive advantage. My team is building everything from scratch: imaging, branding, website, social channels, SEO, content marketing strategy, etc. The owner and

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social customer service stats

The Undeniable Need for Social Customer Service

Social Customer Service & The Social Customer Your customers are social customers. Your business needs to excel at social customer service For the sake of the future success of your business, it’s important that you understand how customers act during their buying cycle. These days customers and prospects have much more information at their fingertips

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mobile design trends 2013

The Most Important Mobile Design Trends in 2013

  Mobile Design Trends 2013 You understand you must shift your marketing focus to mobile optimized websites and responsive design right? Then I’m sure you’ll understand the difference between native apps vs an HTML focused approach and why one is much better than the other. Let’s get familiar with mobile design trends 2013 version. Over 50% of

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