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Want Better User-Centric Insight? Check Out These New Google Analytics Tools

Since Google analytics was introduced 13 years ago, its platform has changed the game for marketers in terms of how user engagement is promoted, tracked and measured. In an article released by Google, they said that 90% of marketing executives say that understanding user journeys...

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Why You Should Start A Podcast In Content Marketing

Headphones on yellow backgroundReady To Start Your Podcast? Content marketing is dynamic and ever-growing and has the potential to grow with the latest technology trends. Whats at the forefront of the tech world currently? Podcasting. It is reported that in 2017 alone, over 112 million Americans listened to...

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Should I Incorporate Instagram Stories in My Digital Marketing Strategy?

Why Should My Business Use Instagram and Snapchat. How to use Instagram stories.How to Use Instagram Stories For Your Business By now, you have inevitably heard about, or have even tried, Instagram Stories or have begun to wonder how to use instagram stories for your business marketing.  It’s hard to ignore the fact that the entire concept...

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