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Google’s Secret To Improving Website Rankings

Improving Website Rankings By Building Quality Content Years ago when first working through various SEO projects, in an effort on improving website rankings, I constantly found myself researching and reading different “rules for website optimization” articles. The more and more I read; the more I saw the emphasis to be on Link Building. For as long

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google rankings and penalty

Google Rankings Won’t Drop If Site Goes Down For Short Period Of Time

What Happened To My Google Rankings? Have you ever experienced the dreaded downtime with your website going down for whatever reason or  all of a sudden your Google Rankings drop? Some of these reasons could be attributed to technical issues with your hosting company or maybe even spikes (more like surges) of traffic to your

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new google maps app for mobile

Google Announces a New Maps App For Smartphones and Tablets

A New Google Maps App For Mobile Today, Google announced a brand new Google maps app for android Smartphones and tablets. Don’t worry, the iPhone version is coming soon as Google knows the native Apple Maps Apps sucks and doesn’t want to leave you iOS users out in the cold. Or end up in a

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seo optimization services

Matt Cutts On Misconceptions & SEO Optimization Services

When searching for information on SEO optimization services, Google’s Matt Cutts is probably the only guy in the world who can call himself an SEO Guru or SEO Expert. After all he is head of Google’s Webspam team. For all digital agencies and freelancers who provide SEO optimization services, Matt’s the guy that brought you those

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