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I’ve been fortunate to have two clients in the restaurant business in the last year. One of which is a brand new Niagara Falls restaurant with a unique competitive advantage.

My team is building everything from scratch: imaging, branding, website, social channels, SEO, content marketing strategy, etc. The owner and I have been discussing my content marketing tips for some time before we launched the strategy.

You can read the case study here.

The one thing I’ve learned from each is that content marketing is key for the food and beverage industry, particularly with restaurants and other dining establishments.

According to, content marketing is:

a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

The purpose of content marketing is simply to attract and retain prospects and customers by regularly creating and curating compelling, useful, and relevant content with the intention of altering consumer behaviour.

The most important content marketing tips should  be to integrate content strategy to your marketing mix. This strategy should be viewed as an ongoing internet marketing activity, not a one time fix. The focus is on creating and owning content as opposed to “renting” it – and giving another company or website the majority of the impressions, views, clicks and ultimately SEO.


Benefits of Content Marketing

Content marketing is inclusive and participatory as opposed to pushy and seeming as if you’re over-selling. It’s essentially an unassuming effort to communicate with your customers without selling. So instead of pushing and pitching your products and services, you provide valuable and relevant information about your products, your services, your niche, and other connections you’ll have with your customers and further educating them.

The focus of this post is to illustrate how and why content marketing can help you promote your restaurant, but the same logic can apply to many business sectors, not just food and beverage.


Why Should You Use Content Marketing?

Why not?!! That’s a good answer but maybe not enough to convince you. Time for more essential content marketing tips! Brand Education Services created this cool slideshare deck on 12 Steps to Content Marketing For Your Restaurant.

Before we get into those 12 steps, lets take a look at a few key points made in the presentation justifying why you should use content marketing.

  • You can build phenomenal brand awareness.
  • You make your brand approachable being active with unique content on social media.
  • You become a trusted resource with you audience.
  • You drive traffic to inside your restaurant.
  • You drive traffic to your website and improve search engine rankings and your over all SEO.

In the end, your content marketing and be all about SEO. Producing quality  relevant, useful content that can be shared is the key to increasing your website’s search engine rankings.

Keep in mind that sharing on social media sites makes up most of the top 10 most important search engine ranking factors.

Further content marketing benefits include an ongoing social connection with your audience which only builds the relationship and offers your digital marketing short and long term effectiveness. Also remember that digital content is much more easy to share and that makes your “word of mouth” advertising that much broader.


12 Steps Full of Content Marketing Tips For Your Restaurant

1. Set A Strategy & Goals
2. Engage Your Audience via Social Media
3. Be A Resource – Not A Broadcaster
4. Create Your Digital Brand Voice
5. Repurpose Existing Content
6. Build a Plan Around a Calendar
7. Diversify Your Content
8. Optimize Your Content
9. Share Great Content
10. Assign Ownership
11. Share and Promote Your Content
12. Track and Measure

The full slideshare deck is below. Please feel free to share some of your own content marketing tips in the comments below.

Thanks to David Schwartz and Brand Education Services, LLC for creating the presentation.


12 Steps to Content Marketing for Restaurants from =”″ target=”_blank”>Brand Education Services, LLC


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