How To Survive The Declining Organic Reach on Facebook

Ssurvive facebook organic reachurvival Guide to Declining Organic Reach on Facebook

So how’s your organic reach on Facebook been lately? Welcome to the club. It’s getting crowded in here too. Many Facebook brand Page managers are searching to find the secrets to increasing organic reach on Facebook.

What’s bizarre is that Facebook is still the #1 social media referrer to brand websites and is also the leader in social logins. It’s time for small and medium sized businesses and large brands to rethink their Facebook marketing strategy.

Today, while searching for tips on creating Facebook Ads to increase reach and Page likes, I found the Infographic, attached below, from Offerpop, a social media marketing software provider. They created a survival guide with everything you’d need to know for optimizing your Facebook posts and allowing your content to be shared. 

Some of the ideas to spark content sharing from customers include: creating promotions, special offers, photos/short video contests, and partnering with influencers, celebrities, and other brands.

Some of my favourite tips for surviving the declining organic reach on Facebook are:

1. Retarget your campaign participants by adding ad pixels on your website.

2. Collect user-generated content for marketing and merchandising.

3. Tracking social clickthroughs and on-site activity for all social channels.

4. Capture contact/user data for email or direct follow up.

Another interesting fact is that according to the infographic, 88% of marketers believe that optimizing their campaigns for multiple screens will become increasingly important.

For more interesting tips on surviving declining organic reach on Facebook, spend some time checking out the infographic below. Then leave your thoughts in the comments.

Survival Guide for declining organic reach on Facebook

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