Google+ Posts Can Now Be Promoted Digital Ads

+Post Digital Ads on Google+Google’s Digital Ads On Steroids

Google just cemented itself to be a dominant, if not the dominant, force in digital ads if not digital advertising overall. Last week, Google announced +Post ads are now available on Google+ Pages within the Google Display ad network. This means Google+ has officially started selling digital ads on it’s social platform just like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.


What Are Google +Post Ads?

Google+ ads are just what you think they are. +Post ads are essentially the same thing as a promoted post or sponsored tweet. They can be targeted just as any other social network advertising product. Essentially a +Post ad is a promoted post that can include photos, videos, and links.

These promoted +Post Ads are filtered through the Google Display Network. But wait, it gets better.

These ads appear as native content that users can interact and engage with.


How Do +Post Ads Work?

Here’s where the magic begins with these digital ads. The engagement factor is huge, Google raised the bar for sure. These ads are fully interactive for all users that are logged in to Google+. Keep in mind that most of you are and you may not even realize it.

Everyone with a Gmail account automatically gets a Google+ profile. Even if you don’t populate, optimize, and use your G+ profile, you still have one and if you’re logged into your Gmail, you’re also logged in to Google+. As well as YouTube and any other Google product. Genius strategy from Google. Props.

So, any user logged into Google+ can add a comment, +1, and/or share the content without having to leave the site they’re on! This provides a seamless user experience and brand engagement. Everyone wins.

Cost per Click (CPC), or Cost per Engagement is also built into the +Post Ads. Advertisers can choose to set up their +Post Ads to automatically promote there most recent Google+ post. When set up this way, the brand pays only when users engage with the content.


How Should Brands Use +Post Ads?

Creative brands and advertisers can use +Post Ads in interesting ways. The most basic is essentially the same way brands use any social platform. Reach out, engage, and start conversations with followers, prospects, and existing customers.

Start Conversations

“+Post ads amplify your brand’s content by easily turning Google+ posts into display ads that run across the web. People can leave a comment, follow your brand, give a +1, or join a Hangout right from an ad. The Hangout On Air ad format allows you to go beyond clicks to broadcasting live conversations with your audience across the web.”

Get Noticed

“Ads become more relevant with social context. Comments, +1s, and shares from friends can move people to engage with your ad. Social actions on ads and Google+ add up together, showing the full picture of engagement with your content. +Post ads expand in a lightbox to bring full screen social creatives across the web.”


Digital Ads on Google +Page Ads


This video shows the inside story of how Toyota used +Post ads to get their content noticed while testing this product in a 2013 digital campaign.



The Wrap

I’m looking forward to testing +Post Ads soon. For now, Google is making +Post Ads available to Google+ Pages with 1000+ followers. Those lucky social media advertising managers can stat creating +Post ads, promote Hangouts on Air, and schedule automatic posts today.

What about you? What are your thoughts on +Post Ads and will you use them in your social media advertising plan for yourself or for your client’s?


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