‘Truffle Pig’ Means Media Companies are Betting Big on Digital Content Strategy

Digital content strategy with Snapchat and Truffle Pig

Digital Content Strategy with Snapchat and Other Media Companies

If you didn’t already realize that digital content marketing is the future, here’s some more proof – some big names in the media world are joining up to start their own digital content production agency.

Communications firm WPP, English newspaper Daily Mail and social media platform Snapchat have partnered to start the joint content marketing venture Truffle Pig. The media release states Truffle Pig will combine “the best in media, content and user experience to satisfy people’s appetite for great storytelling – and inspire brand engagement, loyalty and sales.”

An Interesting Name for A Digital Content Producer

Truffle Pig Sniffing out the best digital content

A Truffle Pig sniffing out some great digital content
Source: www.thetimes.co.uk/

According to Wikipedia, a Truffle Pig (or “Truffle Hog”) is a “domestic pig used for locating and extracting a type of tuber known as truffles from temperate forests in Europe and North America.”

“The pigs have a good sense of smell and are able to identify truffles from as deep as three feet underground.”

Our guess is that Truffle Pig (the digital content producer) will aim to “sniff out” the rarest and best digital content strategies for their clients.



Big Players Behind Truffle Pig

If we can learn anything from this news, it’s that heavyweights of digital business believe in digital content marketing; WPP is the largest communications services group worldwide, DailyMail.com is the most-viewed English language online newspaper, and Snapchat is the social media platform with the highest reach among millennials.

As more and more social platforms roll out advertising capabilities, marketers are quickly learning that it isn’t enough to simply place an advertisement on a social platform – you have to bring engaging social content that adds value to your brand in the user’s eye.

Essentially, quality content will always win out at the end of the day.

So, the question is – does your business’s digital content pass the sniff test?

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