Facebook Revamps Page Post Ad Links

Facebook Ads Updates

Facebook Ads: Improvements For Brands & Users

Facebook is on a mission to make Ads not only better but also simpler for both advertisers and users. Users will see a more standard set of Facebook ads, and the controls given to advertisers will make it so that users see more relevant ads. Cool Win/Win!

As of June 17, 2013, Facebook announced several updates to its Newsfeed Page post link ads. These particular Facebook ads are becoming the ad unit of choice for most brand advertisers because of their ROI performance. AllFacebook reports that News Feed Page Post Ads Deliver 26X More ROI, 20X Greater CTR (click through rate) Than Facebook Right-Hand-Side Ads.

The Facebook Studio Blog says:

Inline with our effort to =”https://newsroom.fb.com/News/620/An-Update-on-Facebook-Ads”>simplify our ad products and align more closely with marketers’ business objectives, today we’re announcing improvements to Page post link ads.

Facebook Page post link ads are optimized to drive off-site conversions and sales. Over the past several months, aligned with updates to News Feed, we’ve enlarged images and the clickable area for Page post link ads on both desktop and mobile. These enhancements help advertisers better showcase their products and services.

Since these updates, Nanigans, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, has seen Page post link ads in News Feed drive better performance their clients who are driving off-site conversions and sales. This is why we’re continuing to update the Page post link ad unit, and encouraging marketers to use it to meet their direct-response  objectives.  

Internet marketers should really dig these Facebook Ads updates which include customized images, simplified flow for unpublished Page post link ads, and a redesigned ad create flow to drive optimal ad choices.

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