Prediction: Facebook Overtakes YouTube in 2015

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Live From Your Twitter Feed, Facebook Overtakes YouTube

The rumours could be true. Facebook overtakes YouTube. But before we get into that, let me ask you this: did you spend most of 2014 being frustrated at your company’s declining organic reach on Facebook? If so, you weren’t alone. You’ve likely seen many useful infographics that have shown organic reach to be as low as 2% for some brands.

If that number means very little to you, allow me to translate to a Facebook organic reach definition of some sort. It’s simple really. I’ll use a very frustrating example of my own to quickly illustrate.

Let’s say your Facebook Business Page that you’ve managed and have grown organically for more than 6 years has 35,000+ fans. Today, when we post an update, on average, we’d absolutely for sure be hoping to reach our 2%, or 700 of our Fans. #WTF.


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You know what? That fact really used to bother me. Organic reach on Facebook has been on decline for most of this year. It’s been a challenge for social media companies to convince their clients that the carefully crafted content we’re creating can reach many more targeted and qualified customers, with a little “boost” of social media advertising.

abandon facebook

There have been many social media marketers who’ve considered advising clients to abandon Facebook, and focus on other social platforms that offer a larger organic reach. Does this mean you should too?

You know what now? I’m not bothered by Facebook’s drop in organic reach. I mean sure, it totally sucks not being able to reach all 35,000+ Fans who willingly liked our client’s Facebook Page in order to see the bran’s content, but hey, it is what it is. You just need to be creative and find a way.

So why keep your company on Facebook when organic reach is down? The secret lies simply in video.

Facebook Leads The Way For Video Uploads

You read that right. Socialbakers, a user friendly social media analytics platform, held a recent survey that showed video uploads to Facebook have increased by more than 50% in June 2014, as compared to January 2014. The survey consisted of 180,000 videos across 20,000 Facebook pages.

Social Media Examiner reports that “this trend is positive enough for the study authors to predict that the number of videos uploaded directly to Facebook will surpass those uploaded directly to YouTube by the end of this year. Considering that YouTube exists as a video-sharing platform, those numbers have taken many by surprise.”


Facebook overtakes YouTube for video uploads

It’s interesting to note that YouTube, the expected leader for video uploads by content creators, was in the lead in regards to the number of video uploads at the start of 2014. They had almost double the number of video uploads than Facebook at #2.

But by the middle of 2014, content marketers began to upload more video directly to Facebook, rather than to YouTube first. We used to do just that very thing in that very same time frame. Over the summer of 2014, we began uploading video directly to Facebook, rather than to YouTube.

At this rate, many social media and content marketing experts are predicting that Facebook is trending to surpass YouTube for video uploads by the end of 2014.


Engagement on Facebook Beats Engagement on YouTube

Here’s where things really get cooking. It’s one thing for content marketers to be uploading video to Facebook directly, more so than YouTube, but this only really matters if the content they’re uploading is being engaged and interacted with, right?

In the same survey, they Socialbakers looked at the share of interaction of the 180,000 videos and the trend they say was loud and clear. “The share of interactions increased for Facebook and decreased for YouTube. This is a serious threat to YouTube as marketers are going to continue to use the network that is most effective for gaining engagement. Basically, there are no signs of the trend reversing from its current path.”


Share of Video Interaction on Facebook vs. YouTube

So what does this mean for your Facebook content marketing strategy? It really depends on your product or service and how well you know your customers pain points and their place in the marketing funnel.

If you’re able to leverage video with your product/service marketing and promotion, do it! Start now. You don’t need slick, expensive, big budget video camera and editing technology. Trust me. You do not.

Shoot and produce short form, video which is easily consumable by your customers and prospects. Anything 15-30 seconds, including branding and call to action, is perfect.


I Use Facebook & YouTube – Independently

I say you should still continue to use YouTube. Upload the video to YouTube so you can embed it on your website, blog, landing page, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. It only makes sense – YouTube us still the world’s second largest search engine and is still owned by the world’s largest search engine.

But for your Facebook marketing strategy, based on the charts and study listed above, you should always upload your videos directly to Facebook, for the most engagement and reach.


The Wrap

As mentioned earlier, Facebook organic reach is down. It’s been in decline and plummeting rapidly for all of this year. But Facebook is still the most popular social media platform on mobile, and we live in an increasingly mobile world.

smartphones and tablets

A recent comScore study says Smartphones and tablets combined now account for 60% of all time spent online. Facebook isn’t going anywhere. You just need to find a way.

You need to build a Facebook marketing strategy through comprehensive testing, testing, and more testing, including pent of A/B testing, in order to find what works.

Then work it. Tirelessly.

Creating extremely useful content that solves problems/issues and answers questions that your customers want answers for.

…and then target your quality content to a custom audience, in lucrative geographic areas, and continue to test and manage.

Don’t abandon Facebook because of the challenge of declining organic reach. Rise to the challenge and help your customers find you, get into the marketing funnel, and create optimized content that helps navigate them through the tunnel, right to your front door.


If you’d like some help building your social media marketing strategy and creating short form video content to drive engagement on Facebook, we can help. Reach out today.

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