Google AdWords Changes: New Look, Simpler Navigation

Google Changes Adwords UIGoogle Revamps and Changes Google AdWords UI

Today Google announced a new look and simpler navigation will be rolling out in their AdWords product.

This redesign bring AdWords into a similar design with Google’s other products like Search, Maps, and Gmail.

The new look change is simple but much needed. The tools and reports are much easily accessible as they are given much more on-screen space. See below for images and examples.

Google says they’ve been working on redesigns for many products, including those we mentioned above, for several years. Their goal is to give Google products a constant look and feel across the entire web.

In addition they want to ensure people get a simple and beautiful user experience that makes it easier and more efficient to manage your tasks quickly.

Beautiful, Consistent, Simple

Google understands that since we all use more than one Google product or service, we want consistency with colours and that menus and other controls are found in the same place across all products.

“We also know it’s no fun to have to scroll down as soon as you log into your account to see the things that are important to you. By updating AdWords to the look and feel that we use across Google, you’ll spend less time getting where you want to go in your account, and more time focusing on growing your business.”

What Are The Google AdWords Changes?

The Billing, Account Settings (formerly My account) and Help functions have moved under the gear icon. This is similar to the same gear menu location used in Gmail and Calendar.

google adwords changes to the user interface

As mentioned earlier, charts, tables, and tools have more space on the page. Important information in your campaign management tabs is now above the fold. This allows important tools you care about are found with less scrolling so you can spend more time on SEO.

google adwords changes

Is this exciting news for you SEOs and SEMs out there? I haven’t seen any o this live as of yet – have you?

Google says we should all see the changes rolling out in the next few weeks. Keep your eye on it.

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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