Google Hashtags Incorporated Into Search Results

google hashtags implemented in searchGoogle Hashtags!

Hashtags have been ‘all the rage’ for quite some time in my opinion. It seems that they are now officially on the minds of one of the world’s largest companies and the world’s largest search engine. That’s right, Google Hashtags in search results in now live!

Google search has officially joined in on the #hashtag party this week by announcing a new, richer hashtag experience that users will see in the SERPs.

This is the part I love and comes as no surprise from Google:

If a user is searching on Google for a specific hashtag, they will be served up relevant results matching that hashtag in a boxed area to the right side of the regular search results.

But get this – all of the results in the highlighted boxed area are from relevant Google+ posts that have been publicly shared.┬áSee the screen shot below as an example.

google search results for #hashtags

click for larger version

Once again this proves how important Google+ posts are for your search engine optimization (SEO) and website rankings. It also now shows how important it is to add relevant hashtags to all of your Google+ posts.

The importance of these Google hashtags will only increase this year. I also really love the mutual benefit these hashtags offer. When the user clicks on any of the Google+ posts they are sent to the Google+ page of the user who authored the post. So clearly this new announcement is good for the searcher and the author!


What about Popular Hashtags on Facebook and Twitter?

Not to be labeled elitist and exclusionary, Google Search will also let you see links to search for hashtags on other social sites. You’ll note however, how they strategically placed links to hashtags on Facebook and Twitter near the bottom of featured boxed area.

Most users should see this feature live now. It’s only for English users for now on and

If you’d like to learn more about hashtags and their similarities and difference to keywords, read this article I wrote recently on the Key Differences Between Hashtags and Keywords.

Probably the best part of Google’s new hashtag feature is this insanely hilarious clip about hashtags featuring Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake! A must watch!


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