Google Hotel Area Search Changes Local SEO For Tourism Marketing

google hotel area search

Google Hotel Area Search Arrives

Destination and Tourism Marketing just got a whole lot more real. Earlier this week we found out that in addition to already allowing guests to check in electronically, the Hilton hotel chain will now let you use your iPhone as your hotel key, starting next year. Imagine the convenience for travellers.

The Gods at Google have taken local SEO and search overall, to a whole new level for travellers and tourism marketers. Hotel check-in’s and smartphone room keys is cool and convenient, what till you hear what’s next. It’s something we’re calling Google hotel area search.

As of now, if you’re still planning some summer vacation travelling, make sure you’re using Gmail to book your travel, in particular your hotel reservations. According to a post on G+ from Google:

“If your hotel confirmation is in your Gmail, you can now ask Google for things to do, eat or see to do nearby without the fuss looking up where you’re staying.

Tap the mic on the Google app and say “Show me restaurants around my hotel” or “Give me directions to my hotel from here.” You’ll be finding your way around like a local in no time.”

This is a super win for users and digital marketers, just in different ways. At VPDM, we’re already thinking of ways to further optimize our client’s content to be able to take advantage of this new feature in Google search. Hotels, attractions, and restaurants can all benefit from this update. Thank you Google!


google hotel area search example


Why It’s Cool For Users

For users, just imagine you arrive in a new city and check into your Hilton brand hotel with your iPhone and access your hotel room using your iPhone as the key. That’s pretty cool stuff already. Now you may want to see what there is to see and do near your hotel, or maybe you want to find a decent restaurant and get started with a great meal.

If you’re not sure where you are – in terms of address, neighbourhood, or maybe you don’t remember the hotel name, searching Google for tips may be a challenge. No need to worry about that kind of thing anymore, thanks to this new update.

The new and improved Google search engine now uses the booking confirmation located in your Gmail, to provide you with a list of the best things to do, attractions to see, and places to eat, all around your hotel. Boom! Gotta love (creepy) technology.

To quickly walk you through how this should work, let’s say you’re in Niagara Falls and want to find some fun things to do with your friends or family. You just need to ask Google to “show me the top 10 best things to do in Niagara Falls”. Another example is directions of course. Let’s say you want to get to that top Niagara Falls attraction you just searched for, you can now ask Google how to get there from your hotel.

Don’t be afraid to use voice search in one of Google’s apps when you’re “asking” it for local information. If that doesn’t work, you can just do it the old school way and type in your query.


Why It’s Cool For Digital Marketers and SEOs

For tourism marketing professions and their digital marketing or SEO agency, better optimization of your website, content, blog, and social posts seems to be in order.

I’d suggest optimizing the metadata in all your content (images, video, blogs, etc) for tour targeted set of primary and secondary keywords, as well as for what terms and phrases you feel your travellers would be using.

If you’re looking for some help with your website optimization, SEO, and search engine marketing (SEM) overall, please contact us to discuss your digital marketing challenges and what we might be able to do to help solve them one at a time.


Travellers: Will you try out this new feature on your next vacation or business trip?

Marketers & SEO’s: Will you use this feature to improve on your SEO strategy?


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