Destroy Your Competition With Your Google+ Local Page

5 Tips To Optimize Your Google+ Local PageBlow Away Your Competition in Local Search

If you didn’t make a new year’s resolution to set up and optimize your Google+ Local Page profile for your local business and it’s SEO, that could have been a good thing.

I mean, who keeps resolutions anyway?

But when discussing your Google+ Local Page, this is no joke. It’s time. Now. Just do it. Make it a goal. Write it down. Set a timeline. Get ‘er done.

To help you, I’m going to show you how to crush it when setting up, updating and/or optimizing your businesses Google+ Local Page.

The bottom line is: if you own and operate a business with a local presence, you have to take full advantage of Google+ Local.

If you’re not, I’d ask you for one good reason why you don’t want to optimize your web presence for local search.

Almost Every Consumer Uses The Internet Shop Locally

So what type of local business should create and optimize their Google+ Local page? That’s easy to answer in one word. Everyone. It’s absolutely critical for each and every local business to ensure that their digital marketing includes claiming, setting up, and optimizing a Google+ Local profile for each and every one of their locations.

Regardless of enterprise size, every business from SMBs, multi location local and national franchises, to companies with one physical location, can benefit in a big way from having an optimized Google+ Local profile. It will help them reach 97% of consumers who search for local businesses online.

How Does Google+ Local Help SEO and Rankings?

The great thing about an optimized Google+ Local page is that it not only benefits the business owner get found, but it also help users to find local business information, locations, and deals. Not only can the local business be found, but the business can also be well positioned in the search rankings.

The reason for this is because Google’s algorithm is smart. If a user is making a search with local intent, Google will realize this and serve up blended results to answer the users query. These blended realists can include Google+ Local listings at the top as well as in the organic results underneath.

5 Ways To Win With Improved Search Rankings

Are you ready to get started?

With some help from SearchEngineLand, here are 5 easy things you can do to dominate search results for your targeted keywords and phrases and gain the edge on your competition.

1. Fully Complete Your Profile to 100%

You wouldn’t believe how many Google+ Local profiles I’ve optimized that weren’t 100% filled out. They were either missing contact info, a keyword rich description, URL, or photographs. The thing is. Google will likely serve up local business pages that are fully completed. They feel this gives the user as much relevant info related to their search query. Makes sense.

Als,o make sure you don’t forget to fill out the business hours. Clearly this is an important piece of information that users may require. If you want to show up in search, give Google a reason to rank your pages.


2. Make Your Contact Info Consistent Everywhere (NAP)

Contact info is also a vital piece of information a user may want when searching for a local business. You need to ensure that your Name/Address/Phone (NAP) is accurate everywhere. Not just throughout Google, but also on all social networks, website, and landing pages.

A few examples are using “Rd” in one place and “Road” in another. Or using a local phone number on one page and then a 1-800 number on another page.

If you and your developer are able, you should always include structured data like Schema, in your footer along with your NAP.


3. Pick All Relevant Categories For Your Business

There will be several categories to choose from. No need to choose just one! Google+ Local will give you options to add depth, interest and some SEO to your listing. For example, one of our clients, Weinkeller, is a brand new restaurant, with an in-house winery on-site. This is the first in Canada! They could be listed as “Restaurant”, “Winery”, and “Bar”.


4. Promote Google Reviews In Store

What other way to demonstrate to Google’s algorithms that your business is all the rage and people love to recommend it? Reviews right? Google will love your local business if it has many positive reviews. Of course negative reviews can harm your rankings and your business!

Have you heard of Google Carousel? Google reviews can trigger the rankings in the Google Local Carousel. In fact studies have shown that Google reviews strongly determine local carousel rankings.

Did you know that one study showed 85% of those surveyed said that they read online reviews for local businesses.

Fake reviews will kill you though. So do not attempt to post fake reviews yourself or ask friends and family to do so. You could face the wrath of Google and trust me, no one wants to face the wrath of Google.


5. Add A Google Local Map

You have contact page on your website right? One of the best things you can do for your prospects and customers is to offer them a Google Local Map on your contact page. This has many positives effects – and here’s what’s in it for you, the business and website owner: This allows you to link your website to your Google+ Local Business listing.

weinkeller google map and directions

To add a map, just go to Google Maps, enter your business in the search field, click the “Link” button and copy that code. Take that code and embed the map somewhere on your website.


The Wrap

Are you motivated yet? These steps are simple. You can do this in very little time and you will reap rewards in your website traffic and your conversations in store.

I’ll leave you with some eye opening, jaw dropping statistics on mobile search and mobile use.

This should help you understand how and why Local SEO and a Google+ Local Business Profile is vital to your digital marketing success.

  • 50% of all searches are performed on mobile devices.
  • 28% of consumers have made a restaurant reservation after a local search.
  • 65% of people surveyed research/read product information on their phones. 50% of mobile searches lead to purchase
  • 61% of users call a business after searching and 59% visit the location
  • 90% of these people act within 24 hours.

What are your thoughts on Local Search and Google+ Local Pages for Business? Please let us know in the comments.


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