Why Google+ is Essential To Your Social Marketing

Google+ for business is essential for social marketing and SEO

Google+ For Business – It’s Absolutely Necessary

I’ve been saying this to many clients whether in consulting sessions, proposals, or face to face meetings: You must post unique and relevant content on Google+ regularly. Every day if you can. A Google+ for business profile will help your SEO efforts.

I’m always met with, “I don’t need another social media network, I’m already on Facebook and that Twitter thing…”

I’ve written about social search and social signals provided to search engines through social sharing. Let’s consider the rise of social search these days. It should be clear to large brands, SMBs, and internet marketers that Google has pushed the integration of many of its products with Google +.

For example, YouTube, Google Maps, Android and others all have integrations with Google+. In fact everyone with a Google account already has a Google+ profile by default. Mark this on your to-do list for tomorrow: connect your business to Google+ with a Google+ for business profile.

This article from guardian.co.uk paints a convincing picture of why Google+ needs to be an essential element of your social media marketing strategy.

I’ll list a few of the facts that i’m going to use in future client pitches. These facts clearly make Google+ integral to your social media and search marketing campaigns.

1. In January 2013, the Global Web Index announced that Google+ had overtaken Twitter to become the second largest social network.

2. Google+ boasts a sizeable 359m monthly active users and brand interaction has increased by 45.5% between Q2 2012 and Q1 2013.

3. When logged into a Google account, searching for a brand terms allows a connected Google+ page to appear on the right-hand side of the search listings (see the search results for Expedia as an example). The page appears regardless of whether you follow the page or not, and sits prominently in the right-hand sidebar.

4. Since this placement (based around searches for brand terms) is free, easy to set up and quick to implement (brands need only add a small piece of code that connects their Google+ page to make the connection) it is highly advantageous and gives a quick data capture and community build element from natural search listings.

5. Google have been careful to link the social network to search listings, ensuring that there is a clear reason for brands to integrate the service into their existing online marketing strategy for SEO.

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