How Hotels In Niagara Falls Can Take Social Media From Online to Offline

hotels in niagara falls social media marketing Hotels In Niagara Falls Should Think Outside-The-Box

In 2008, after deciding to move my business from Toronto to Niagara Falls, for personal reasons, I quickly realized that Hotels In Niagara Falls, as well as Attractions, Restaurants, and other local retail businesses, weren’t ready for the social media world we live in today.

At that time however, there wasn’t a social media marketing agency in Niagara Falls, nor was anyone offering the hotels in the Niagara Region, any digital marketing consulting. Social Media Marketing in particular was not even on the radar for many 3-5 star Niagara Falls Hotels, let alone for the hundreds of world class, and world famous attractions or restaurants.

As with everything else, social media and hotel tourism marketing in the Niagara Region is in a perpetual state of evolution. SMB’s, local businesses, attractions and hotels are essentially conscripted to initiate new, relevant, and engaging ways to market their unique products and services. What better way to connect, build relationships, and remain in regular contact with your new and returning guests than using social media marketing for hotels?

This was essentially the debate I had while working with the 5-star luxury hotel, Niagara Falls Marriott Fallsview Hotel & Spa and their sister hotel the Courtyard By Marriott.

I, along with the Director of Marketing, were able to convince the owners to allow us to consult, develop, execute, and manage the first social media marketing campaign for their Niagara Falls Hotel’s, restaurant’s, and spa. That was years ago – 2008/2009 to be exact. Many things have changed.

Today many hotels all over the world including the best hotels in Niagara Falls are using popular social platforms and generating revenue, putting “bums in beds”, while building their email database and their social media database.

I came across an interesting article by Debbie Miller on, that very clearly shows how some smart hotels have “taken an outside-of-the-box approach to tying social media into in-person activities.”

I really enjoyed the examples she provided regarding how social media marketing for hotels can be taken from online to offline. Some hotels integrate a specific social media theme directly into the hotel itself. Not the hotel website, the actual hotel property.

The hotels take this marketing seriously and go as far as creating exhibits, social events, and authentic experiences to push this approach. It seems to be working as the examples bellow show.


The Hotel With a Twitter Theme

This one is kind of cool. It sort of blew my mind in the out-of-the-box thinking. The leading hotel chain in Spain, Melina Hotels International debuted the first “twitter experience hotel” with their @SolWaveHouse property.

The strategy was to “facilitate interaction among social media-savvy customers plus increase excitement and stimulate “buzz” among the young audience that typically fills the hotel.” The source article didn’t have any data or analytics on how the program went, but I still give it props for the idea. Nice one!





The Hotel With an Instagram Theme

So, not to be out done, 1888 Hotel in Australia wanted to take their social media offline and bring the experience directly into their hotel. I’m loving this idea! Here’s how cool it is:

If you have more than 10,000 Instagram followers you’re able to stay FREE at this boutique hotel down under. Wow! Now once you actually get to the hotel you see a digital mural in the lobby, which rotates and holds Instagram images that greet guests.


Instagram Themed 1888 Hotel Lobby


Once you’re checked in, why not take a selfie in front of this way cool open frame that’s also in the lobby. Talk about encouraging guests to create and share your content!

It only gets better from not only the guest experience but also from a hotel social media marketing perspective. All the hotel’s guest rooms have Instagram photos everywhere. An interesting side note is that in order to help decorate the rooms, the hotel used over 100 Instagram photos that were submitted by guests.


1888 Hotel Instagram Themed King Bed Guest Room


It only makes sense that there is an undeniable link between travelling and photography. Paul Fischman, CEO of 1888 Hotel said this to Mashable:

“There has always been a strong, intrinsic link between travel and photography, but the advent of social media and Instagram has made photo-sharing an even bigger part of the traveler’s experience. People not only want to visit and stay in beautiful places, they also want to capture and share it with their friends and networks as it happens.”


Instagram Walk That Promotes Local

The final thing I loved about this hotel’s social media marketing, and in particular this Instagram theme offline, is that the hotel offers an Instagram Walk that promotes nearby attractions. How cool is that? I bet their competition is trying to copy this now.


instagram walk


The Wrap

Tourism marketing is a tough road. I’ve seen this first hand working with a number of Niagara Falls Hotels. Guests are always looking for the best deal for hotels in Niagara or Las Vegas of that matter. Hotels want to offer guest packages and deals on food and things to do.

Creativity will prevail. Competition is tough and hotel marketing should include unique content creation, social media marketing and advertising, as well as a solid SEO strategy combined with SEM (Google AdWords).

Hotels in Niagara Falls that are looking to increase revenue and boost search engine rankings should think outside-the-box and possibly integrate their social media marketing in the hotel’s offline experience. Users will end up creating and sharing your content and you’ll start to see a pleasing ROI.

If you’re a Niagara Falls Hotel, Attraction, or Restaurant and are looking to get creative with your social media marketing in order to increase booking and revenue we should talk.

VPDM can help you build a social strategy and improve your search engine rankings with an ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing (SEM) campaign. Reach out today.

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