How To Reach a Television Size Audience That Drives Conversions For Only a Few Bucks

how to reach more fans on facebook, twitter, instagram, and pinterest

How To Reach More Fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest


It’s no secret that reaching your fans and followers via social media is challenging at the best of times. Between the incessant “noise” on social media generated from the hundreds of posts and tweets you see each day in your Facebook News Feed or your Twitter Timeline, users can sometimes tune out and your messaging gets ignored.

How do you break through the noise and clutter? Try to reach more fans on Facebook and more of your target audience when they aren’t as inundated with many distractions.  You need to find a way to engage with your fans/followers through some sort of common ground…like Television.


Have you been struggling with your social media reach and engagement? Are you wondering how to reach more fans on Facebook and Twitter?

Do you want to reach a broadcast TV or cable size audience at a fraction of a TV ad budget? It is possible and today I’m going to show you how easy and affordable it is.

Recent data from a survey of 11,000 people in the UK shows that 33% of people comment on Facebook or Twitter about their opinions on what they’re currently watching on television. You know that number is only going to grow don’t you?

This concept is known as the “second screen”. For those not familiar with this term, essentially, as Wikipedia states, the second screen “refers to the use of a computing device (commonly a mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone) to provide an enhanced viewing experience for content on another device, such as a television.”

Many other studies have shown that there is a clear tendency for people to use a device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) while watching TV.

Think about it, how many times have you picked up your iPhone or tablet during a television show to either (a) interact with the show and its worldwide viewers, or (b) to Google something you heard on the show?

The UK study, initiated by Carat, also found that 25% of people in the UK plan their evenings around their TV schedule, with 57% of them using a second screen (tablet or smartphone), and 3.5 million using a TV guide app.


how to reach more fans on facebook


Social Media Amplification Is Word of Mouth

I think that it’s safe to say that your influences help to determine what you’re watching in prime time during the week. You’re likely influenced by your family, friends, and social media followers when it comes to some of your TV viewing habits.

From the UK study. 20% of respondents said that family and friends now have a big influence on their TV viewing. This is in no doubt thanks to social media.

social media amplification

This fact becomes obvious when you compare it to the stat from 2010, where only 5% said family and friends influence their TV watching.


“This drives huge opportunities for advertisers,” said Steven Ballinger, head of media investment at Carat. “It turns their advertising from a monologue to a dialogue. It also helps to drive the consumer closer to the point of purchase, something advertisers have been trying for a while with more traditional TV advertising methods.”


How To Reach a TV Size Audience and Stay On Budget

Ok, so enough talk about TV advertising. How can you use social media to reach qualified prospects for your products and services?


The answer lies simply in how well you know and understand your audience along with how creative you can get to reach them.


If you know your audience well enough, especially their psychographics and other lifestyle traits, you can narrow down what TV programs they’re watching, at what times, and on what days of the week.

The great news is, you won’t need a TV media buyer, a production team for :30 second commercials, and a large advertising budget! All you’ll need is a few bucks to enjoy the benefits of social media advertising.


Build Your User Personas

Understanding your audience is key to you Inbound Content Marketing strategy. After all, how can you drive qualifies traffic to your e-commerce website without targeted qualified prospects in the first place?

Stay tuned on an upcoming article with details on how to build user/buyer personas from scratch. For the purpose of this article, we’ll be brief and hopefully informative.


What Are User Personas?

According to HubSpot, your company’s marketing personas are “fictional, generalized characters that encompass the various needs, goals, and observed behavior patterns among your real and potential customers. They help you understand your customers better.”


Why Do I Need To Create Personas?

buyer, user, and marketing personas

You want to focus your marketing on qualified prospects and returning customers, right? Researching and building accurate personas allows your company to create reliable and realistic “personas” (read: representations) of your key audience segments.

However, it’s important to base your personas on qualitative and quantitative user research and web analytics. Your personas, and therefore your marketing tactics, are only as good as your research.


How Do You Research Personas?

There are a number of ways you can research and collect information about your prospects and customers. Your website forms are integral. Ensure you’re using fields that capture valuable insight into your user.

Companies can also use surveys and other forms of interviews to gather lifestyle information from prospects. It will likely be sales reps who’ll fulfill this function, so it’s important for marketing teams to communicate effectively with the sales teams to gather feedback and generalizations.


Reach Millions of Qualified Captive Prospects

Do you see where I’m going with all this? Building these marketing personas can only help you understand your prospects and better target them with high quality, relevant and useful content, while they are comfortably watching TV and interacting with the show/event via social media, using their second screen.

Television has always been known to speak to “captive audiences.” If you can reach a captive audience, on their second screen, while they are discussing a popular television show or event, why wouldn’t you?

captive television audiences mellenials

Keep in mind, your content needs to be relevant to your personas and to the specific television show they are watching and tweeting about. That’s where your creativity comes in.

You take your user personas and match them to popular television shows and special events, like the Oscars, the VMA’s, or the Super Bowl. Remember, you’re not paying big TV advertising money for this reach!


Time Your Posts With Popular TV Shows & Events

The idea is to schedule promotional posts, tweets, Instagrams (stills or videos), and PINs, (especially PINs) dying popular television shows. You need to have a rock solid social media community manager (LINK) to be live tweeting, interacting, and engaging along with all other viewers.

While those “conversations” are happening, since your creative team has produced relevant and compelling images or Instagram videos, that relate somehow to the television show and your product, you can share this content at the appropriate time.

With any luck, users will relate to your sponsored post or promoted tweet, engage back with you, and possibly visit your website where you’ll convert them into a paid customer.


Research, Write, Optimize, Schedule

Let’s sum this up as simply as we can.

You know there are several million people watching popular, prime time TV shows and events. You don’t have a large TV ad budget to create a series of :30 second commercials to reach viewers of this show/event, who also happen to be a perfect fit with the user personas you developed.

You realize that with some comprehensive hyper-targeting, you can reach a large segment of your current fans/followers as they’re likely watching a show and tweeting about it online.

Your promoted tweet or sponsored Facebook post will end up right in their respective Timelines and News Feeds’ while they are already there.

And…if you’re using appropriate and popular hashtags, related to your product, the users need, or the TV show, you stand way more of a chance to have your content read and possibly be engaged with, several times, through several users networks.

This action will inevitably  drive qualified customers to your website.


Crafting Your Social Media/Secind Screen Strategy

If you need help crafting and executing a targeted social media campaign, with custom reporting, monthly, contact VPDM Digital to arrange a free consultation and/or website marketing and SEO audit. 

We an diagnose any issues that may be making it more challenging for you to reach your goals. We’ll also offer recommendations and and action plan that should help you reach your goals much more effectively.



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