Instagram Direct Introduced By Instagram

Instagram Direct Private MessagesWhat Is Instagram Direct?

Today, Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s founder, introduced the world to private photo sharing and messaging on Instagram. He’s calling this new feature Instagram Direct.

This is a new direction in a way for Instagram. For example, as TechCrunch reported earlier, Instagram has always been primarily a strictly photo sharing social network “with a broadcast structure instead of connections based on mutual friendship, like Facebook.”

Facebook was where users would go to interact. With Instagram there was virtually no 2 way communication or personal interaction.

With the announcement of Instagram Direct, all users who follow each other can send private messages, very similar to private chat messages – to each other. These private Instagram messages can include photos and videos. Previously, users could only double tap the screen to ‘like’ a photo or leave a public comment.

Here’s how it works:

“When you go in to post a picture (the same way that you’ve been posting pictures on Instagram), you’ll see two new tabs on the top of the post: Followers and Direct.

With Direct, you can choose a specific friend and type a special message, and that goes only to your friend. Once that friend opens up the photo, their profile picture within the message gets a check mark, noting that it’s been read. Users can also like direct photo messages, and chat can ensue from there.

You can send Direct messages up to 15 people, and Instagram Direct also offers up suggested recipients.”

If you’re on the receiving end of an Instagram Direct private message, an inbox icon will appear in the top corner of the app and this will send you right to your Instagram Direct message.

To read more about Instagram Direct private messages, visit the post on TechCrunch.

It’s the holiday season after all, and everyone will be snapping pictures, uploading to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social networks. One of those “other” social networks is also hip to this and have just announced similar features.

Share Images in Direct Messages on Twitter

Twitter for iPhone received a major update including a new user interface update for iOS 7 and a few other feature additions.

The most exciting is the fact that users can now share images via Direct Messages or DMs. Before this news, users had to resort to using third party services for sharing links to images in DMs. As the digital world moves “native”, Twitter’s native image support will be a welcome addition.

To be clear, as reports,

“Photo sharing over Direct Message appears to only be supported in the official Twitter apps (iPhone, iPad, Android) and lacks an API, so photos shared over DM currently cannot be composed by third party Twitter clients like Tweetbot or Twitterrific. Twitter for Mac also lacks support for DM photo sharing, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see it pick up support before third party clients.”

Interesting that you can’t send videos in Twitter DMs. You figure they’d at least let you share Vines. Gotta say, I find it oddly peculiar that Twitter doesn’t allow Vines to be shared via DM. Maybe that will change in 2014. You know something will!

What are your thoughts on Instagram’s new venture into private messages and text communication? Please let me know in the comments.


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