Beginners Guide To Instagram Video

Guide to Instagram VideoIf You’re Not Using Instagram Video…
You’re Losing

Have you started using Instagram Video in your social media marketing? It’s no longer just a trendy new smartphone-only app that your kids are using. In fact, Instagram is a massive social platform that can be accessed on iOS and Android powered smartphones and tablets, as well as on desktop computers. Don’t forget the main social media powerhouse, Facebook, owns Instagram.

We’ve created a few Instagram videos for our clients but I think we’ve only teased ourselves and just toyed with the idea. That’s all about to change. Video, particularly micro format, short form video content like 15 second Instagram videos, 6 second Vine’s, and Snapchat snaps, will be the break through form of digital content for internet marketers, SMB’s, small and large brands this year.

Users Love Short Form Video Content

If you haven’t started using Instagram video in your digital marketing strategy or even worse, you haven’t event thought about it yet, here are some Instagram video statistics that are worth noting.

They may even make you realize why your content creators at your social media marketing agency should be focusing on producing quality relevant video content.

Instagram boasts more than 75 million daily users and 200 million active monthly users. These users post, on average, over 60 million photos.


Selfies Rule on Instagram

Instagram users love selfies. So much so that over 35 million selfies have been posted on Instagram since the social platform launched in October 2010. It stands to reason that because of all the selfies posted, the number of ‘likes’ per day on Instagram totals over 1.2 billion. How about this: the number of ‘likes’ per second is 8500. With ‘likes’, come comments. Instagram users post over 1000 comments per second.


Instagram Video Blew Up At Launch

It was any CEO/CMO’s dream. The Instagram video product launch was huge for Instagram and parent company Facebook. The number of videos posted within the first 24 hours of launch was over 5 million. Five million 15 second videos uploaded in a day.

Over 40% of the top 100 most shared Instagram videos were posted by brands. It’s no secret that brands love Instagram video as much as Instagram users love video. In fact, 43% of the top 100 brands on Instagram post daily with 4% of the posts being videos.


Top Branded Instagram Videos

So with all this hype and qualified statistics, let’s see how some big brands are using Instagram video and engaging their customers at the same time. This is a list, from ReelSEO, of the best branded Instagram videos of the week (May 19th, 2014), in no specific order.

Aeropostale (1011213 Total Followers) 64,347 Likes, 1,567 Comments



Natgeo (5071821 Total Followers) 113,647 Likes, 2650 Comments


GoPro (207,7508 Total Followers) 56,614 Likes, 552 Comments


To see the rest go here.


The Wrap

So are you inspired? Any ideas percolating in your brain? Short form video is very sharable. People love consuming content this way.

If you can create a relevant clip that translates your marketing message in a fun and engaging way, you could get a ton of return from posting that 15 second clip on your company’s Instagram account. With relevant and appropriate #hashtags of course!

If you’d like to chat about your digital marketing ideas using Instagram video, and how to make them a reality, reach out and get in touch.



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