Google Just Messed With Local Search By Moving The Map and Local Pack Below The Fold

Google Local Search Changes Your Local SEO Services

Your Local SEO Services Could Change Big Time Thanks To Google

Surprising news today for local businesses and their local SEO services. Did you notice that Google has seemingly moved the Google Map and local pack (“Big 7 Pack”) below the fold?

If this is a test, it’s a rather interesting test, not to mention confusing and concerning to local businesses or SEO consultants.

Let me explain more. On March 23, 2015, Linda Buquet, a Google Local Specialist posted something about this on her Local Search Forum that “concerned her a little”.

I have to say it concerns me too.

“Was surfing this weekend and saw a SERP display change that concerned me a little.
Hope it’s only a test!

You search on desktop. If there is no map on top right, you think no pack or local results, right?
Well think again and scroll WAY DOWN!

Searched for “Dentist” (No GEO modifier, location set to Los Angeles.)
Also checked NY and San Diego. Then checked Chiropractor – same thing.

Had heart attach after 6 searches with no map. Thought the local results were gone. “


Google Local Map and Big 7 Seen Below The Fold
Google Local Map and Big 7 Seen Below The Fold



Has The Google Map & Local Pack Listings Moved For Good?

Basically this is what Buquet is asking. What she saw that freaked out is the local results being shown near the bottom of the search results page, or below the fold.

Everyone knows that the local search listings, that is, the Google Map and the Big 7 Local Pack listings are always presented above the fold. Until now?


How Does This Change Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

If this discovery ends up being for real, and permanent, it will have an impact with local SEO strategy. I just can’t say how much, but I’d bet it’ll be significant.

It would also give businesses a bigger push to create unique, relevant, quality content which ranks high in the SERPs for a targeted set of keywords.

This way, your organic rankings for local content now has a shot beat out the Google Map and Local Pack that always is shown above the fold, near the top of the search rankings page, and subsequently pushing your great organic ranking further down the page.
I’m unable to replicate this “issue” on my machine. I’d love to hear from any of you who have.

Are you seeing the Google Maps and Big 7 Local Pack below the fold?


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