The Most Important Mobile Design Trends in 2013

 mobile design trends 2013

Mobile Design Trends 2013

You understand you must shift your marketing focus to mobile optimized websites and responsive design right? Then I’m sure you’ll understand the difference between native apps vs an HTML focused approach and why one is much better than the other. Let’s get familiar with mobile design trends 2013 version.

Over 50% of local searches are made on a mobile device. That was in 2011. I think it’s safe to assume that number is likely higher in 2013 and is precisely why your business needs to know about best practices mobile design trends 2013.

In fact I’ve read in a few articles that in 2013 more people will get online via their smartphones and tablets than will on their personal computers. I think we’re there already.

Danny Brown published an informative presentation on mobile design trends 2013 that he found from Savvycom, a mobile and web development agency.

It’s so good I also wanted to share it here.

If you’re planning your mobile strategy and designing a native mobile app, this short slideshare presentation will certainly let you know where your head should be at and how your developers should be thinking.


The Tendency of Mobile Designs in 2013 from =”” target=”_blank”>Savvycom JSC