80 Percent of Mobile Phone Searches End In a Purchase.

mobile phone searches and local SEOLocal Business Needs Local SEO

I think it’s well known by many, if not all, small. medium, and large businesses that the future of marketing is mobile. The number of mobile phone searches that convert will blow your mind!

The future of your business may lie in mobile digital marketing. Especially if you are a local businessLocal Search Engine Optimization, or Local SEO, should be a priority in your digital marketing strategy. Why? Read on.

Here’s how much of a mobile world we live in. A mobile world where certain types of businesses can benefit from Local search optimization.

+ 63%  of people are now using multiple devices to find a local business.

+ 79% of these people are mobile phone/smartphone users.

+ 81% are tablet owners, according to research reported on searchenginewatch.com.


How To Use Mobile Phone Searches

You’re probably wondering, could one of my clients, or can my particular business use a Local SEO strategy and if so what do I need to do? You may also be wondering what people are actually searching for on mobile devices. These are all great questions. A study conducted by comScore and commissioned by Neustar and 15miles has answers for us.

“According to the survey:

  • Restaurants are searched for 23 percent of the time. 
  • Auto service establishments and dealerships at a rate of 10 percent.
  • Arts and entertainment at 9 percent.”


What Problem Are Mobile Searchers Looking To Solve?

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a gazillion times and likely read it online from many social media professions: Content is king. Relevant content particularly. So what content do your customers and prospects want to see and find relevant to their searches? It turns out 65% of smartphone users search because they are looking “for information on the go.”

They don’t need a lot of content, but they need the content they are searching for. For example contact information, pricing, booking, and/or hours. Chances are, most smartphone users who are using mobile search are looking for this type of info.


Do Local Searches Convert

This is the big question for most businesses and is quite valid. Your ROI on your Local SEO marketing depends on how you execute and manage your campaigns and with what tactics.

Search Engine Watch reports:

Four out of five searches via mobile devices lead to a purchase, often within a few hours, the survey said. Compared with other devices, the mobile phone showed the highest conversion rate, with nearly 80 percent of mobile phone searches ending in a purchase.And, nearly three out of four of those mobile phone searches that converted brought the customer into a brick-and-mortar store.”


I Want A Mobile Ready Website

It’s very important for your website to be adaptive and responsive. The mobile market clearly is maturing and will be on an ongoing basis. Many companies have mobile optimized websites and a Local SEO strategy. Sadly, there are also many that don’t.


It’s very important for any business to understand that consumers “expect a consistent and navigable search functionality that serves up exactly the depth and quality of information they need.”


Multi-Devices and Local Search – Infographic

For more of the stats from this study, see the infographic from Neustar.

cross device use and local SEO - infographic


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