6 Mobile Social Media Statistics You Can’t Ignore

mobile social media statistics

Mobile Social Media Statistics You Need To Know

It should really come as no surprise to any smart & savvy digital marketing consultant that mobile social media statistics, along with the related social media activity, is quickly moving from the desktop to easily manageable mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets.

social media on smartphones

Those shiny, fabulous, new smartphones you see pretty much everyone from 12-80 years old using, multiple times daily, have significantly altered human interaction, human behaviour, and the way we humans consume out daily doses of online content.

Did you know that 80% of mobile phone searches end with a purchase?

+ 63%  of people are now using multiple devices to find a local business.

+ 79% of these people are mobile phone/smartphone users.

+ 81% are tablet owners, according to research reported on searchenginewatch.com.

Mashable reports that these days we are spending much more time on our favourite social platforms or websites, looking at photos, finding directions, playing games, and checking the weather, primarily from our mobile devices.

Makes sense though doesn’t it? It super duper convenient – especially if your device is powered by WiFi and 3G/4G technology. This doesn’t mean that surfing the web via desktop is going away. There are still many activities that users prefer to do on a desktop or laptop computer versus a mobile device.

I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point in the near future, desktop use becomes so very minor when compared to mobile content consumption. It may even disappear one day soon.

The data on this increase in mobile internet consumption is insane. Take a moment to read these stats and you’ll quickly realize why you need a mobile responsive website, a mobile SEO strategy, and a mobile mindset in your content creation brainstorms.


Time Spent on Social Networks in the United States

For starters, let’s look at ComScore data compiled in a couple of nice charts by Statista, one of the leading statistics companies on the internet.


mobile social media statistics


After looking at these numbers, you’re going be thinking that social networking is pretty much all mobile. We’re likely very close to seeing social media being almost exclusively consumed on mobile devices.

Here’s the percentage of time spent on each social platform, by users in the USA:

  • Snapchat: 100%
  • Vine: 99%
  • Instagram: 98%
  • Pinterest: 92%
  • Twitter: 86%
  • Facebook: 68%

Looks like more than two-thirds of the time users spend on Facebook ends up being on mobile.

Snapchat and Vine’s audience is all mobile – but that’s because it’s a mobile only app.

Twitter use is over 85% on mobile. Only 15% of twitter users access from a desktop. Many of those people are probably social media professionals and consultants.

Pinterest and Tumblr are starting to become more popular on mobile than desktop. You can imprive your social marketing on Pinterest by using these 5 Pinterest marketing tips to reach your customers on mobile.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, seems to be holding on to the desktop usage stronghold. No surprise.


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What Types of Content are Mobile-First?

So what types of content are consumed more on mobile than desktop? It’s an interesting question don’t you think? If you’re a content creator or social media consultant, I bet you think so.

Photos (92%), maps (86%), and games (78%) are cementing themselves as leaders for mobile-first content. This is likely because each make for easily consumable content on mobile devices.


photos, games, are mobile first content


You can check photos from your friends wedding or vacation while you’re standing in line at the bank. You’ll likely be checking GPS for maps and directions to the meeting you’re headed to after the bank.

When you’re at your dentist appointment at the end of the day, instead of checking emails, you can relax with a challenging or fun game you enjoy.

I’m a little surprised that social networking and news/entertainment news aren’t higher in the mobile consumption area. My bet is that we’ll see their use on mobile only increase over the next year.


The Wrap

Will this new data change the way you think about your content creation and curation strategy? Content marketing is a key part of social media. If social networking is moving towards more mobile consumption, this should give you a nice great big hint as to how and where your content will be consumed.

When we build websites at VPDM Digital, we always build with a mobile-first mindset. We design a website for mobile use first. We then adapt that mobile-first design to desktop. Not the other way around.

We also take a mobile approach to our content creation for specific clients. These clients have much of their website content consumed and accessed via mobile. Based on those website analytics, and the facts above, we can safely assume that users are consuming our client’s content on mobile devices.

This tells us to create easily consumable, short form content. This type of content stands to gain the most engagement simply due to the way it was created and optimized – with a mobile first strategy.

If you’d like some help building your mobile social media strategy, our your mobile/ Local SEO, please contact us today. Or, find more insights in your social feeds by following me on Twittercircling me on Google+, or connecting on LinkedIn.


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