Surprising Trends in Mobile Web Browsing

 mobile web browsing trends and stats 2012

Is Your Website Optimized for Mobile Web Browsing?

If it’s not, it Needs To Be. We live in a mobile world that is increasingly using mobile web browsing.

It’s no secret that mobile use, mobile web browsing, mobile social engagement, and mobile conversions are growing at significant rates. Not only year to year but certainly quarter to quarter.

In doing some research for a client who’s involved in Niagara Falls tourism and hotel bookings I found that 75% of mobile hotel bookings happen within three days of stay, the majority within 24 hours ( Even further digging showed me 82% of iOS users book within 24 hours of stay ( These stats are not exclusive to the Niagara Falls tourism industry. Continue reading and you’ll see how these important mobile web browsing trends will affect your business and its bottom line.

Mobile searches have grown 4x over since 2000. It’s been said that close to 50% of searches are made from a mobile device. Some have said that many of those searches lead to purchases. Which makes total sense because of where the consumer is in their buying cycle.

There are over 315 million mobile phones in the United States. Are you ready for this? That means there are more mobile devices than there are people in the US! You know most of them are doing some sort of mobile web browsing steady throughout the day.

How about this one: Worldwide, more people have mobile phones than have toilets. Add this to the mix; what are those who have toilets doing on said toilets? You got it, they’re linking doing some mobile web browsing.

Let’s take a closer this mobile growth. Adobe has recently published it’s State of Mobile Benchmark, which is part of it’s Digital Index. You can download it here. The report is a based on research regarding digital marketing and other topics of interest to Internet marketers and e-commerce website owners. It has a nice section on mobile web browsing.

We’re going to focus on the section of the report that shows how aggressively the mobile market is growing. For example, this last quarter saw phenomenal growth in the use of mobile devices to access social media websites as well emerging markets, such as Asia, adopting smartphones. We’ll see how Apple’s iOS devices lead this charge on mobile web access in the United States.

This post on Quartz features some beautiful charts detailing seven important mobile trends you will want to know about. I’ll start you off by posting the first 3 and adding my comments:

Tablets are now driving more web traffic than smartphones

tablet web traffic stats. mobile web browsing

It may be clear to see why tablets are driving more website traffic over smartphones. Browsing on a tablet is more similar to browsing on a laptop or desktop PC. Many people have ditched their PC’s and turned to only using tablets. When people browse the web via a tablet, they visit 70% more web pages per visit than when they use a smartphone. As a result, while there are many more smartphones than tablets in the world, tablets are now driving more traffic to websites than phones are.”

People browsing stores on tablets are 3x as likely to buy something

mobile conversions and online shopping stats

This makes sense as well based on some reasons given above. Since people have replaced PC’s with tablet’s, it’s much easier for them to make a purchase with a larger screen when compared to making a purchase with their cell phone. Which many without tablets still do. “Smartphone browsers convert just 0.7% of the time, while people on tablets convert 2.2% of the time and PCs 3.3% of the time.”

Apple’s mobile operating system is leading in the US, thanks to iPads

apple iOS leads the mobile market

It can be argued that Android has the the most share in mobile operating systems because of the units shipped. Fact is that people with iOS are simply using their devices significantly more. I found that really interesting.

The trends get more interesting, continue reading this informative post on here.


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