New Facebook Campaign Structure Rolled Out This Week

New Facebook campaign structure

Advertisers Get More From New Facebook Campaign Structure

Facebook advertising is a major digital marketing tactic for many brands and SMB’s. In order for your posts to reach more than 5-10% of your total fans, you need to pay. This week, on March 4 to be exact, the world’s largest social network rolled out a new Facebook campaign structure that they say makes it easier for advertisers of any size to organize, optimize, and measure their Facebook advertising.

If you’ve been advertising on Facebook, you know that their campaign structure had two levels – campaigns and ads. Well now, with this recent update, the new Facebook campaign structure consists of three levels: campaigns, ad sets, and ads. Yes, the ad sets are new!

New Facebook Campaign Structure

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A Simpler Way to Organize and Optimize Campaigns on Facebook

So now that there are 3 levels of the Facebook advertising campaign structure, let’s break down what each section does.

“A campaign is a group of ads that share the same daily or lifetime budget and schedule. Campaigns enable you to group ads according to your criteria, and you can retrieve the ad-related statistics that apply to a campaign. The individual ads have separate bids and targeting. Facebook is introducing a new object model in which ad sets will replace ad campaigns.”


Campaigns will relate to each of your advertising objectives. Examples could include: building brand awareness or increasing website traffic. Objectives are nothing new to seasoned Facebook advertisers. They were part of the Ad setting.

Campaigns are designed to help optimize and track your results for each objective across multiple ad sets and ads.


Ad Sets

Welcome Ad Sets! This is the new layer. You’re able to set up more than one ad set within each campaign and each can have its own budget and schedule.

Facebook advertisers can now organize each ad set to represent different audience segments. This is a great way to geo-target customers that may live near your store, restaurant or place of business.

Now not only are you able to control the amount you spend on each target audience, you can also schedule when they will see your ads, and measure their response.

As a special treat, the ad delivery system will optimize delivery for the best-performing ad in an ad set.



The same flexibility with ad sets is available to ads. You can have multiple ads and each ad can feature different images, links, video or text.

Advertisers still control the creative, targeting and bidding for each ad at the ad level.


How To Use The New Facebook Campaign Structure

Facebook outlines a few useful examples of how business can use this new campaign structure. For one example they propose an owner of a small hotel chain. Her marketing objectives could be:

1. Increase traffic to her website to boost reservations

2. Increase the brand awareness of the hotel chain

3. Promote weekly or monthly package deals

Using the new campaign structure, she would create one campaign for each objective. So a total of 3 campaigns for the example above.

She’d then create the ad sets representing each buyer persona – representing the target audience she wants to reach. As an example, if she wanted to boost website traffic, one ad set would be created for customers in your email list and another from prospective return guests who expressed interest in things to do around the hotel.

Once that’s all done, it’s time for her to create the ads for each ad set. I’d advisor her to create several ads within each ad set and target the same audience using different content (images, links, video) in each ad. She can also change the ad copy and use different keywords and phrases that would spark interest with this audience.

Using this approach, Facebook advertisers can test ads and learn which ads are working and delivering results by engaging the audiences. This information will help you create better campaigns and take your Facebook advertising, reach, and engagement to the next level.


The Wrap

This new campaign structure will be rolled out worldwide. Facebook says it will be in all ad interfaces including the Ads Create Tool, Ads Manager, and Power Editor. It will also be available in some third party interfaces built by Preferred Marketing Developers.

Wondering what happens to existing ads in your ad account? Nothing to worry about. Once the new structure is fully rolled out to your account, each existing campaign will be automatically migrated to the new structure.

Even better news is that the migration will not impact the delivery, spend (of course not!), or performance of your existing ads. All historical data will still be available for existing campaigns and ads.

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