New Twitter Profile: Testing Shows Something Eerily Familiar

new twitter profile and user interfaceNew Twitter Profile & UI is Much Like Facebook, G+, and Pinterest

Hey remember that change to the Twitter User Interface (UI) you read about last week, possibly on this blog? Or maybe you recall the mobile-like redesign Twitter rolled out in January? Well Twitter’s not done yet.

More changes are being reported today that have to do with an overall brand new twitter profile look and feel. These changes will be eerily familiar.

This time Twitter is taking pages out of the design handbook of its major competitors, Facebook and Pinterest. Interesting fact: Did you know that recently Pinterest passes Twitter in Popularity among US Adults? You’ll see how Facebook is referenced in the changes below.


New Twitter Layout is The Old Facebook Layout

Engadget is reporting that some select Twitter users are saying that their new Twitter profile look like some hybrid combination of Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.


Similarities include:


1. A large horizontal header/cover photo.

Big cover photo’s are popular with social media users so Twitter’s new header can be up to 1500 x 1500 pixels. This is noticeably large from the previous size of 1252 x 626 pixels.

2. Left-aligned Profile Image

Not only left aligned like its competitors but also a much larger profile image. Facebook has tested many different sizes of profile images over the years and they’ve all been larger than years previous.

3. Tweets presented in flat content cards

This one is a dramatic change and makes the Twitter user profile much more similar to the other popular social networks we mentioned.

New Twitter Profile and User Interface

As you can see, this UI is much different from what we’re used to and our Twitter experience will start to mirror our experience on Facebook, G+ and Pinterest.

It seems that the most drastic change users will see is how Tweets will now be presented.


New Twitter UI Presents Tweets Differently

As it is now, Twitter shows tweets in a vertical presentation. This new card layout will show tweets side by side. This change is a huge change for Twitter, as they’ve always served up Tweets in your timeline in a vertical fashion.

I haven’t been lucky enough to be one of the select users who have seen this new design and no one really knows when the new desktop UI will be available for all of Twitter’s users.

Mashable says that Twitter has refused to comment on these changes.

One thing is for certain in digital marketing and especially social media. Change is inevitable. It will happen. So will this change to Twitter. Bet on It.

Get ready for a brand new Twitter experience and thank Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest for giving Twitter a kick in it’s digital ass.


* New Twitter Profile Image via Mashable.
* Blog Featured Image via Flickr.