Ok Google Is The Future Of Search

Ok Google is the future of search and computingOk Google, So What Are You Planning?

Do you remember the time, back in the day, when you heard about or your read about touch being the future of the user experience when it comes to personal computers and smartphones?

Apparently, Microsoft still thinks that touch is the future of computing, and that shouldn’t surprise anyone, Apple Fan Boy/Girl or not. There is something that we’ll all be using a lot more than we’re using now. It’s just two words you’ll say to your phone: “Ok Google.”


What’s The Future of Computing?

The future of computing is not touch. We’re already there. Been there, done that. Next! The future of computing according to Google is voice. Not only voice search through search engines, but voice search to find anything on the internet, in your mobile device, or personal computer. And it all starts by saying “Ok Google.” The video below will help explain all this.

How do I know this? Well I don’t for sure, but if I were to bet on the future I’d certainly be betting on voice search especially when it comes to mobile search and Local SEO.

In fact, Frederic Lardinois (@fredericl), from TechCrunch, was at Mountain View, Google HQ, last month and was challenged by a Google spokesperson to just use voice whenever possible when on his phone.

So clearly, voice and smartphones is something Google is on about these days.


How Google Will Use Voice in The Future

So, Ok Google, I’ve been on about voice search a few times on this blog as well. It’s been clear to me that Google search and SEO in general will be more focused on semantic search and more complex search queries as users get more and more comfortable using voice search.

Here are some articles that will illustrate how voice fits in with the future of SEO, how the Hummingbird Algorithm change means that the future of search is mobile, and some tips to consider when optimizing your website for voice search.

Check out this video on enhanced voice search on the Google Search App (iPhone | Android). Then read Frederic’s full article explaining “Ok Google” in more detail.