10 Tips To Optimize Images For Pinterest

How To Optimize Images For PinterestHow To Best Optimize Images For Pinterest

Pinterest is an extremely fun and addictive social media network. Just ask anyone who’s ever spent any time Pinning. Pinterest will be 4 years old this March. If you’ve been seeing success from you Pinning, you must know how to optimize images for Pinterest. If you’d like to learn how, read on.

Did you know that over 21% of American adults use Pinterest. That makes Pinterest the #3 social network, used by American adults. Number 1 is obviously Facebook and LinkedIn is #2.

Overall Pinterest has well over 70 million users (7/10/13) and 80% of its users are women. There are over 2.5 billion pageviews on Pinterest per month!

One of the best stats for businesses: 80% of total Pinterest Pins are Re-Pins. If your images are captivating, they will be shared on Pinterest.


Social Media Optimization (SMO) on PinterestSocial Media Optimization (SMO) on Pinterest

Pinterest is becoming an essential place for businesses. When looking back at my client’s social media marketing over the last year, I’ve seen an increase in Pinterest engagement. This increase in Pinterest engagement has also increased the number of referral visits to the client’s website via Pinterest. I believe that knowing how to optimize images for Pinterest helped our agency with this endeavour.

Are you ready for your content to be on Pinterest?
If so you need to get your content ready to be on Pinterest first.

Whether it’s photos of your latest products, video’s of your newest services in action, or if it’s your weekly blog article being published on your site, either way, your image must be so captivating that it makes people stop, look, like, comment, click, and/or re-pin.

Your image not only has look great on the outside, the “inside” must be optimized for search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) as well as optimized for search on social networks (with social media optimization – SMO).

Funny enough, I found this Infographic on Pinterest that outlines some handy tips to optimize your images for Pinterest.

So here we go. Follow these 10 tips and you’ve leaned how to optimize images for Pinterest.


PIO: 10 Pinterest Image Optimization Tips


upload your own images too1. Upload Your Own Images Too!

Believe it or not, I’ve seen a few business Pinterest profiles that have way more images of really cool stuff (Re-Pins), but very few images they’ve created themselves. Re-Pinning is an excellent practice and should be done several times a week, but that stuff has less of a chance at going viral.

Businesses should create images and snap photographs of not only their products and services, but also of the things they like and are passionate about. Creating your own amazing content has a better chance of going viral than simply populating your Pin Boards with Re-Pins. Trust my, I can understand how addictive Re-Pinning can be. Agreed, it’s way too much fun.


keywords2. Include Your Primary Keyword in Your Image File Name

Maybe it’s just the SEO in me, but it drives me crazy when I see internet people saving file names that aren’t optimized with either a primary or secondary keyword. At the very least, please name the file something relevant to it’s content. Not the dreaded “Photo1.jpg”.

For example, which do you think would rank better in a Google Image Search: “photo1.jpg” or “apple-pie-recipe”? I’m fairly certain we all picked the latter for obvious reasons.



variety-of-images3. Pin a Variety of Different Content From Different Websites

You want your Pinterest account to be compelling. Pinning images from a variety of websites with unique and relevant content will create a more exciting feel for your Pin Boards. Plus, remember that re-pinning, liking, and commenting all play a role in where your images appear.


add a link4. After You Upload an Image, Remember To Add A Link

Pinterest doesn’t add any link to uploaded Pins. The user has to do this manually. I do this by default as it just makes sense to me. Don’t waste an amazing opportunity to drive traffic to your landing page or website.




pinterest description5. Strategically Craft Your Pinterest Image Description

Pinterest allows up to 500 characters to be used in the image description field. I’ve read that we should make use of this space. I agree to a point. Longer images can be annoying to some Pinners as they feel it messes up their grid (the way the Pins are displayed on their profile).

It’s best to be short and concise but also to use your primary and secondary keyword phrases. I always take an extra step and add the landing page or website URL in the description. Yes, I understand that is redundant if you followed step 4 above, but to each his own.


social media engagement6. It’s All About Engagement

When strategizing a Pin Board concept, research Pinterest and see what sort of images catches your eye and compels you to engage with that image. Try and use that as inspiration to create an idea for a captivating Pin Board where you can promote your business.

More engagement = More followers = More Reach on Pinterest.



pinterest is social7. Remember Pinterest is a Social Platform and Not an Advertising Platform

As you should be doing on all your social media networks, be sure to engage back. Comment, like, and definitely Re-Pin other people’s images. This is a great way to connect with other businesses, consultants, or fans on Pinterest.


Pinterest-keyword-rich-pins8. Make Your Pin Boards Keyword Rich

It’s important for your profile to contain a variant of different boards. Variety is the spice of life after all. As mentioned in tip #2 above, in the same way that some people do not optimize their image file names, some businesses on Pinterest forget to include primary and secondary keywords in their Pin Board titles.

A Pin Board named “Places We Love” is much less effective and SEO friendly than “Florida Beaches”. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: always think of simple SEO fundamentals whenever posting any content online.



Pinterest Pin It Button9. Add the “Pin It” and “Follow” Button To All Your Websites

Never build a new website without SEO and social integration. Please. I’ve seen it many times, almost weekly. Your website must be fully integrated with social media widgets, API’s, and the Facebook Open Graph protocol.

Pinterest offers two useful widgets that your website needs today. The Pin It button and the Follow button.

Install both and make it easy for users to Pin images and/or follow you on Pinterest without ever leaving your website. The key to social media success is to empower people to share your content.


personality10. Be Yourself. Express Your Personality and Your Brand’s

We all have a unique voice. Each company, brand, and SMB has one as well. Use Pinterest to capture your unique voice. Let your brand’s personality speak for itself directly from your Pin Boards.



There you have it. The 10 steps you should follow to optimize images for Pinterest.

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