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privacy in social media - there is noneThere is No Privacy in Social Media

Anyone who works in social media marketing and content creation/curation knows, more than anyone else, how much personal information the kids are sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social networks.

There is no such thing as privacy in social media.

It’s not only the kids, it’s pretty much everyone who likes to share their life on social media. To everyone who is this boat: You do realize there is no such thing as privacy in social media or the internet as a whole, don’t you? You also understand that the delete button doesn’t really “delete” your content, photo, post, video, Vine, Instagram, etc.

As Digital Trends reports, “We’ve been told. And told and told and told: Social networking is not private, the Internet doesn’t forget, and apps can do nearly anything they want with our data. But despite the many warnings, we’re consistently still surprised by how much our digital profiles reveal.”

How safe is your privacy online? I’m not so sure that most social media users understand exactly how much they are actually sharing their privacy in social media networks.

Social Media Experiment

Ever hear of a guy named Jack Vale? Me neither. Apparently he’s a YouTuber who created this awesome video called “Social Media Experiment” that you must see below.

This video makes a clear case that social media users are sharing entirely way too much personal information. What’s worse is that most of us are completely unaware that the information we’re sharing is very personal, even if it doesn’t seem like it is.

“Using nothing but geo-tagged Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts, he found users in his area and approached them, asking questions related to things they’d uploaded as if he were prescient. The results are hilarious, sobering, and definitely a little sad. Moral of the story: Everyone knows everything about you and it’s totally your fault.”


So what did you think of the video and do you think people share way to much information on social media networks?