Does Your Salary Compare To The Salaries of Online Marketers?

Salaries of Online MarketersHow Much Are The Average Salaries of Online Marketers?

Do you ever wonder how much online marketers earn? What are the salaries of online marketers today? Maybe you’re an online marketer and want to see if your pay grade is comparable to others in your field. I know I was very interested.

Turns out the good guys at Moz have a survey they released, which collected data from 3700+ marketers from over 80 countries.

They then used Survey Monkey to carve up the numbers in many ways, in order to get the insights they needed from these marketers. Things like demographics, tools, and tactics used by digital marketers worldwide.

One of the most interesting pieces of data they uncovered and examined in detail is the salary of online marketers around the world.

“Transparency in salary data helps everyone make better decisions, and knowing the factors most associated with changes in salary can help you advance your career.”

On Average, How Much Do Online Marketers Make Yearly?

According to the survey, when you include the 3700+ respondents (almost half from the USA), and calculate the median salary of online marketers, from the mid point of the survey ranges, the median salary of online marketers is:

=””>median salary of online marketers in 2014

Experience Is Still Everything

Looking at the study closely, you see that there is one factor that seems more closely tied to your earning level than any other. It’s your overall experience you’ve gained through years of working in various capacities.

If you have more than 10+ years experience in online marketing, you’re winning. Totally killing it actually and pulling in almost $125K.

=””>Salary By Experience


Other Factors Influencing Online Marketing Salaries

When broken down by salaries by country you see what you may expect.

Surprisingly, Australia leads the pack with a median salary of $83,592.23. The United States in behind them at #2 with a median salary of $80,306.86. Canada is strong at #3 with a median salary for online marketers at $72,571.43.

An online marketers age is just as an important factor as we saw with “experience” above.

“Simply put, older online marketers tend to have higher salaries than younger folks, who presumably have less experience on average.”

For example, online marketers between 46-69 years of age have salaries around $101,454.55. On the other end, those online marketers just getting into the field, between 18-25 make around $37,146.28 per year.


I encourage you to read the rest of the findings from Moz. You’ll see stats on salary by education, salary by gender, experience by gender, and more.

What are your thoughts on these online marketing salaries?