The Secret To Increasing Facebook Organic Reach

The Secret To Increasing Facebook Organic Reach

Adobe: Social Intelligence Report & Secrets of Facebook Organic Reach

Is there a secret to maximizing Facebook organic reach? How do you reach your total fans on Facebook? We all know it’s virtually impossible to organically reach every user who’s ever liked your Facebook business Page. Even if you have paid for the privilege of having all your fans see your content – i.e. with Facebook Advertising –  if you don’t spend enough in your ad budget, your organic reach with Facebook will still not be fully maximized. So what’s a social media marketer to do? On popular option, for real, is to learn how to steal your competitors Facebook fans, or you could just continue reading this post for a little secret.

If you’ve ever spoke to me about digital marketing and particularly Facebook marketing, you know it’ll always come back to content + search + social working together, not independently. Optimized content on Facebook can be your key to success in social media marketing. The question is, what kind of content is going to work best, and create that valuable engagement every social media marketer craves. The answer isn’t as hard as you may think.


Facebook Advertising Statistics 2014

Before getting to the secret to Facebook organic reach, let’s take a look at Facebook marketing, specifically, Facebook ads. For example, what’s the deal with click through rates (CTR) on Facebook and what would be the average cost per click (CPC)? Good questions deserve good answers and we’ve uncovered key findings and statistics for you thanks to a recent study from Adobe, the annual Social intelligence Report 2014.

That study reveals some interesting facts on the rising CTRs on Facebook ads and lower CPC costs. It also uncovered a hidden opportunity. Here’s what has been reported:

  • Facebook ad CPC is down 2% year-over-year (YoY) and down 11% quarter-over-quarter (QoQ)
  • Facebook ad CTR is up 160% YoY and 20% QoQ.

Facebook Organic Growth Study CTR and CPC statsThe hidden opportunity that we uncovered is that smart brands should continue using Facebook ads as they continue to incorporate more specific ad serving and targeting. Brands need to focus on who they’re trying to reach and create compelling images with engaging content that communicates their marketing message. Always be updating and building your user and buyer personas.


Facebook Ad Click Volume & Impressions

The good news for Facebook advertisers is that Facebook ad clicks and impressions are up. This year, clicks have once again surpassed impressions.

  • Facebook ad clicks are up 70% YoY and 48% QoQ.
  • This compared to Facebook ad impressions that are up 40% YoY and 41% QoQ.

Facebook Ad Clicks and Impressions

So what does this mean exactly? Well more impressions means more competition. Your market research, buyer personas, and sales for intel will come in handy now. Marketers should expand Facebook offerings and look for new creative ways to implement more targeted ads, wherever there is room to capitalize on an engaged audience.


Updated News On Facebook Engagement

One would think that the original Facebook ‘likes’ are the most popular form of user engagement on a brand’s content. Simply because it’s so super easy to just click the ‘like’ button. It turns out that’s not so true.

Comments and shares are becoming a larger portion of social engagement. This clearly shows that us social media marketing managers and content creators working as consultants or for big brands, are getting better and better at engaging fans! Yay for us!! #HighFive.

Comments share of post engagement is up 16% YoY and 40% QoQ. This should motivate digital marketers to find new ways to ensure fans see content. How? Either through paid postings and social media advertising or possibly linking to Facebook Pages from other properties.


The Secret To Getting More Organic Reach on Facebook

Video. Simple as that. Create video content. Exciting, compelling, relevant, and sharable video will allow you to reach many more of your Facebook fans and their friends organically.

Interestingly enough, they don’t have to be embedded videos on Facebook. Thy can actually drive traffic to your website. Something all marketers strive for. The Adobe social intelligence report found that posts with links have increased substantially in Q1 of 2014 and Video posts have also increased.

Here’s what was reported:

  • Engagement with video posts is up 25% YoY and 58% QoQ.
  • Posts with images provide the highest engagement rate.
  • Text posts have declined quickly in share and engagement.
  • Posts with links are up 77% YoY and 167% QoQ.

Facebook Video Post Engagement

Attention marketers, here’s your opportunity: Consider creating more video posts. They don’t have to be longer than 90 seconds. In fact, I’m working with a client now and we’re making a long form video and using stills and short clips as multiple forms of video content.

Don’t forget micro-format, short-form video like Vine and Instagram Video. This type of media was made for sharing and meant for sharing.

I believe video marketing is the key to content marketing in 2014. For one thing, did you know that the recent changes with Facebook have increased the amount of videos being watched?

Video plays on Facebook are up 785% YoY and 134% QoQ after the auto-play videos were implemented in Q4. See, not all Facebook changes are bad for social marketers.

Facebook Video Play Growth


The smart social media and digital marketer will keep an eye on Facebook’s algorithm changes and quickly adapt strategies to optimize value and reach of both paid and organic posts.


The Wrap

Facebook Organic Reach is dead. Face it, research, prepare, and move forward with a solid and sound strategy. If you need a hand or have some questions, feel free to reach out and contact me. I’d be happy to help.

In closing, if you’re wondering what happened to that awesome organic reach you once had and why all this fuss about Facebook marketing and very little fans seeing any content from brands they ‘like’, let’s understand why Facebook decided to kill organic reach:

1. Facebook is a public company. It’s a business, and as a business, it creates revenue.

2. Brands want to advertise to the masses or at least to as much of their target market as possible. Guess where the majority are for around 2+ hours a day? They’re on some social media platform and is likely Facebook. Why shouldn’t they charge brands to distribute content.

3. Don’t forget, the News Feed is a busy, busy area and only has so much room to show all the content a users friends, family, co-workers, and favourite brands and bands want to share. Facebook had to clean it up and show a user what they’re most interested in.

Your solution is simply to create sharable content. Create content that your users will engage with. You must do a lot of testing to see what type of content resonates best with your following on each social media platform. Clearly, video marketing is something you need to consider. Both in long and short form.

For more information, stats, and details, read or download Adobe’s full Social Intelligence Report.


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