Why SEO Strategy Is Critical For Your Business

Tips For Your SEO strategy in 2014Why You Need SEO Strategy Now

Search Engine Optimization – SEO – is critical to your business. Many website owners are still unfamiliar with what SEO strategy actually is and why they’re hearing so much about why they need it.

Essentially, any website without a comprehensive and ongoing search engine optimization, or SEO strategy, is living in no mans land.

In Field Of Dreams, Kevin Costner’s charter was told “If you build it, they will come”. This is absolutely not true with websites and internet marketing today.

If your site isn’t optimized well and you’re in a competitive niche, customers and prospects will have a difficult, if not impossible, time finding you online. Especially if they don’t know you exist.

Almost everyone out there uses search engines to find information about products and services or how to solve whatever problem they need resolved.


Are You Missing Out On Website Traffic?

Zag Interactive created an cool SEO infographic, posted below, that illustrates clearly why SEO strategy and search engine optimization is essential for your business. If you’re operating a website with little to no SEO and you’re wondering why your site traffic is low and conversions are even lower, you may need to invest in some serious SEO strategy.

If you’re not convinced your website needs an comprehensive SEO strategy, consider who’s searching for your products and services.

  • 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.
  • 100 Billion global searches are being conducted each month.
  • 75% of search engines users never scroll past the first page.
  • The #1 position in Google search results receives 18.2% of clicks.
  • The #2 position gets 10.1%, with 3rd and 4th positions getting 7.2% and 4.8% respectively.
  • All other positions account for less than 2% of all click through referral traffic.

 SEO strategy infographic


Useful Articles To Help Your SEO Strategy

If you’re looking to improve your search engine rankings and further boost website traffic and conversions, take a read through one or more of these articles.

You’ll find information on Google’s confirmed ranking factors, and how social media supports SEO.

For more resources and tips for SEO in 2014, read these website optimization tips for 2014 and Google’s secret to improving website rankings.

Are you ready for some basic or comprehensive SEO strategy on your website?

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