7 Essential Strategic Marketing Takeaways From SMX Advanced 2014

smx advanced 2014 strategic takeaways

SMX Advanced 2014 Strategies You Can Implement Today

So the 2014 Search Marketing Expo, otherwise known as, SMX Advanced 2014, just wrapped up in June in Seattle. I can’t wait to attend one of these and here’s to hoping next year I’ll be there. It’s a learning playground for digital marketers. So much valuable content comes out of this expo and today, we’re going to share some absolute essential insights through valuable slideshare decks. Keep reading.

Matt Cutts, head of Google web spam and a long time Google software engineer was there this year handing a keynote, which would have been cool to hear. Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman, founding editors of Search Engine Land and Marketing Land were also there. Sounds like we missed tons! But no need to worry, VPDM Digital can fill you in with some awesome insights from some killer slideshare decks directly from SMX Advanced 2014.

The one thing that everyone can gain from SMX Advanced 2014, whether you attended or not, is a steady stream of super content that we can study and implement into our own digital marketing strategies, for our own business as well as with building our client’s digital ROI.

The good news is the SMX Advanced crew is swift with getting the presentation decks up online and ready to share fairly quickly. Larry Kim was able to find the 7 most popular decks from SMX Advances 2014, based on Slideshare views. I found all of these very useful and wanted to share with you, a few of my favourites which you’ll find below. To see all 7 of the most popular decks, read Larry’s article on LinkedIn.


Comparing SEO Ranking Factors From 2013 To 2014

Comparing SEO Ranking Factors From 2013 To 2014 By Marcus Tober from =”https://www.slideshare.net/SearchMarketingExpo” target=”_blank”>Search Marketing Expo – SMX


I found this one really useful. It’s great to see the work we do with a content marketing, search engine marketing and optimization (SEO/SEM), and social media strategy, is consistent with the 2014 search engine ranking factors from searchmetrics.

Among other things, it’s clear that social sharing and social engagement directly affects your websites search engine rankings.


A Mad Men Approach To Social Media For The Search Marketers

A Mad Men Approach To Social Media For Search Marketers By Lisa Williams from =”https://www.slideshare.net/SearchMarketingExpo” target=”_blank”>Search Marketing Expo – SMX


A focused content marketing strategy is absolutely needed for any small, medium, or large business or brand using social media marketing today. Strategized tactics for communication, content planning, executive and employee buy-in, and how, the VPDM Digital specialty of content search and social, work together to offer you the most comprehensive digital marketing strategy your business needs in order to succeed in 2014 and beyond.


SEO Success Factors

SEO Success Factors 2014 from =”https://www.slideshare.net/SearchMarketingExpo” target=”_blank”>Search Marketing Expo – SMX

There have been more than enough search algorithm changes and updates over the last two years plus. SEOs, digital marketing agencies, and business owners have been trying to keep up with the changes and re-strategize their website optimization strategy. This deck examines current ranking factors and discusses the newest Google algorithm, Hummingbird, correlation vs. causation, linking strategy, and even more.


The Wrap

There are 4 more really popular slideshares that you’ll want to make sure you view or bookmark. There is a ton of data in each deck that can be implemented into your digital strategy quite quickly. Head to Larry’s LinkedIn article to see the other 4, or go to the SMX Slideshare channel for all of them.

If you’d like to discuss your SEO strategy and/or content and social media marketing challenges, please contact Vee to set up an in person meeting, Skype chat, or phone call. We offer a helpful SEO and website marketing audit of your website and will identify any issues your website may have as well as provide actionable steps we can take to help you to jump start or rebuild your marketing strategy.