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In the world of digital marketing, social media monitoring your social media analytics is the only way to get a true understanding of your ROI. Today we discuss how two essential social media marketing platforms have made it much easier for everyone to monitor their social media analytics.

If you’re a business owner, or you’re into social media monitoring and social media analytics in particular, this week has brought some very good news to you. Two major social media platforms have made some important changes to your social media monitoring. Pinterest has introduces a brand new analytics platform and Twitter finally decided to open up it’s social media analytics dashboard to everyone, not just advertisers.


Finally, Pinterest Analytics

It only makes sense that you would want to alter your company’s social marketing strategy based on the insights that social media analytics provide. Facebook does a great job providing advertisers with useful tools to hell build your Facebook marketing strategy.

Third party tools like Raven and Buffer, which we use with our clients, also do an amazing job providing some insight into clicks, shares, and other engagement levels for popular social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

What about the many social media managers and business owners who want better analytics from highly visual and website referral traffic generating social platforms like Pinterest?

Well as of this week, Pinterest rolled out a new and smarter analytics tool to help businesses improve how they market their products. Pinterest says these new analytic tools will allow businesses to improve how they work by providing them with meaningful insights about what their customers are interested in.


What Can Pinterest Analytics Do?

The short answer is many good things. Any good digital marketing expert will tell you that learning about your audience is perhaps one of the best things you can do for your digital marketing strategy. Pinterest’s new analytics help you big time with this.


Discover How Pinterest Works For You

Discover How Pinterest Works For You


Cool huh? Pinterest analytics now shows you how well your images are doing on your Pinterest profile as well as from your website. That is, if you’re properly using the amazing Pin It Button.


Learn More About Your Audience

social media analytics - learn about your audience


Pinterest offers new metrics about all users who not only engage with your business, but also what else they engage with. These new metrics allow you to further develop your valuable buyer personas and start to create Pins based on this new insight.


Act on Pin insights

social media monitoring - act on Pin insights


Pinterest will offer useful tips on how to increase engagement (clicks and repine) as well as how to increase impressions – which is always valuable on this platform. Use this info to tweak your strategy and reach many more customers.


How To Get The New Pinterest Analytics

You’ll need a Pinterest business account. Once you’re logged into your business account, just go to your profile to see the new tools!

Wouldn’t it be good if you could see those analytics and NOT have to have a business account? Well Twitter just opened up their analytics to everyone…keep reading!


Twitter Analytics For Everyone Now!

If you were’t registered as an advertiser on Twitter, you likely had no idea that they offer a pretty cool analytics dashboard.

What is the Tweet activity dashboard?

The Tweet activity dashboard is a tool you can use to learn more about your Tweets. For instance:

  • See how people engage with your Tweets in real time
  • Compare your Tweet activity month over month and see how your Tweets trend over time
  • Click on any Tweet to get a detailed view of the number of Retweets, replies, favorites, follows or clicks it receives
  • Download your Tweet metrics

twitter analytics dashboard


How To Use Twitter Analytics Dashboard

First off, be sure you’re logged into your personal or business Twitter profile and then go to https://analytics.twitter.com/about.

As of this writing, the dashboard is only available to to users who primarily tweet in English, French, Japanese, and Spanish, and have had an account for at least 14 days. Don’t worry, they plan to roll this out to everyone soon.

For more information on Twitter’s analytics visit this support page.


The Wrap

If you love social media monitoring and social media analytics you’re a happy marketer today.

With Pinterest’s new analytic tools digital marketers and brands can really tweak their Pinterest marketing efforts to reach many more relevant and qualified customers.

Twitter’s new analytics or activity dashboard can help marketers write and schedule tweets with the new metrics provided to everyone – in real time!


Do you plan to alter your social media monitoring?

How do you plan to use these new social media analytics?


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