The Top Social Media Fails of 2013

social media mistakes of 2013Social Media Fails

I’m not sure I like posting something that, while interesting and educational, also points out someone else’s mistakes. Especially stuff like social media fails of 2013, because there have been a few zingers this past year, and each time I always feel, “there but for the grace of God go I.” We all try to be careful, and have the best of intentions when starting a new social campaign. Sometimes things don’t always go as planned.

However, life is about learning, we all learn something new each and every day, and that’s one thing that makes life so awesome! I came across a post on my Google+ feed today, that contained the infographic I’ve posted below. The Top Social Mistakes of 2013.

We should take a look at each of these examples of social media fails from 2013 and take something away from each one. I’m sure each of the companies and their respective social media community managers have learned their lesson. It was a hard lesson to learn no doubt.

It’s awesome to create social media buzz for your client, your company, or your brand, but some companies found this buzz coming to them for all the wrong reasons.

The Top Social Media Fails of 2013

The Top Social Media Fails of 2013 - Vee Popat Digital Marketing

Would love to know which one is your “favourite” one to learn from? Let me know in the comments below.