5 Facts About Popular Social Media Platforms To ReThink Your Strategy

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How Much Do You Know Your Favourite Social Media Platform?

Social media has certainly spirited the digital revolution we’re living through. Many people spend more time on Facebook than they do with their family. 

Facts from an article in The Washington Post say teenagers today spend more than 7.5 hours a day consuming digital media – watching TV (probably Netflix on their laptops and tablets), listening to music (probably on YouTube), surfing the web, playing video games, and of course, social networking.

These results are from a 2010 study of 8-18 year-olds conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation. The study also showed a significant rise in time spent on mobile devices – an overall increase of about 80 minutes since 1999.

Creating a social media marketing strategy, executing tactics to meet your goals, while creating content to share with your growing community of fans and followers, is not an easy task for anyone. Especially when you also need to manage and engage with your fans multiple time a day.

Before you jump in and rethink your social strategy consider this. Understanding how each social platform works, and how creating, posting, and engaging with content and fans within each platform is unique to each, is critical to grasp.  

5 Facts To Help Your Social Media Strategy

You want to execute the most effective strategy for each social platform. To help with this, we found 5 facts about your favourite social media platforms on DiscMakers.com. We’ll list a few and you can read the rest by following the link below. It’s important to take these stats with a grain of salt. They are relevant today – for now – but as we all know, change is inevitable. Particularly in the world of social media and digital marketing.  


1. What Organic Reach? Way back in December 2012, Facebook came clean to say the average organic reach of a fan page was 16% – of the total fan base of that Page. Social media community managers were pissed. Then a year later, in December 2013, further studies forced Facebook to come clean again as that 16% was dramatically lowered. I remember I was organically reaching barely 7% of a client’s total Page fans. This is when it became clear that Facebook is moving forward with a “pay for visibility” model with “boosted posts.”

2. Facebook Thinks Mobile First. Reports shoed that by the end of 2013, 78% of Facebook’s US users access the platform on a smartphone or tablet. Facebook’s mobile-centric user base is now up an incredible 45% during 2013 alone. Do not doubt that Facebook will have mobile as their primary focus of their business for years to come.  


1. The World’s second largest search engine. No surprise that YouTube is the biggest video platform on the Internet. It should also not be a surprise that it’s the second biggest search engine in the world. Optimize your video content and create more useful, compelling, and sharable content if you’re not already.

2. Also Thinking Mobile First. It’s clear to me that YouTube, like Facebook and its parent company, Google, has a mobile-first strategy. 40% of YouTube’s global traffic comes from a mobile device.  


1. Build Your Reach. 72% of Twitter Followers said they would be more likely to purchase from small businesses they are following than those they are not.

2. Say Cheese! We have stats telling us that pictures tweeted using Twitter’s native images platform, pic.twitter, are 94% more likely to be retweeted than images not using this platform. Just ask Dan Zarrella.


1. Hey Ladies! If you’re marketing to women, Pinterest’s total user base is built from 80% being female.

2. Huge Engagement. Pinterest is the place to be for many of my client’s. I love this platform as engagement per pin is much higher than that on Twitter. For example, each pin generates two site views and six page views, compared to Twitter’s 1.4 average retweets per tweet. Pinterest will drive qualified traffic back to your own website.  


1. Five Million Videos in a Day. When Instagram introduced video to the platform in 2013 five million videos were uploaded in the first 24 hours.

2. Facebook Bro’s. Instagram is Facebook’s baby and 9/10 video shares from Instagram occur on Facebook.If you’re using video in your content marketing strategy on Facebook, don’t forget about baby bro Instagram.  


1. 120,000. Don’t count out Tumble in your social media strategy. It’s not just for animated gifs. Each day in 2013, 120,000 new registered users engaged on Tumblr. If you are creating a blogging strategy, Tumblr could be a good platform to consider as complementary to your blog content.

2. Yahoo! The other search engine bought Tumblr for $1.1 billion (2013). Yahoo will probably use Tumblr to curate high-quality content helping independent new users with discovery on the platform.   There are more stats and other info in the full article on DiscMakers.com.  

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