Steal Your Competitor’s Facebook Fans In Two Steps

how to steal your competitor's facebook fans in two stepsHow Much Are A Competitor’s Facebook Fans Worth To You?

With Facebook marketing and particularly the issues of Facebook reach becoming a heavy duty challenge to most digital marketers, we need to find alternate ways to engage with qualified Facebook users. Facebook is an incredible source of new customers provided your message gets through to them. So what about a competitor’s Facebook fans?

If you’re starting to build a Facebook Page for your business and have been publishing quality, relevant content, it’s nearly impossible to reach all of your fans. If you’re using Facebook advertising, you will reach more people, outside of your existing followers, but of course that comes with a reasonable cost.

What if you could target fans that are actually interested in your product and/or services? That would be a super way to gain new leads to convert into repeat customers – and spread the good word about your business. The good news is, you can!


How To Steal Your Competitor’s Facebook Fans in Two Steps

One of the best ways to reach qualified prospects on Facebook is to steal your competitors Facebook fans. Clearly if they have an interest in your competitors services, they will more than likely have an interest in yours as well right? Especially since your products and services may offer much more value to your customers and prospects.

Neil Patel wrote, as usual, an extremely useful post on QuickSprout on how to steal your competitor’s Facebook fans. I’ll borrow one tip here and encourage you to read the rest of Neil’s advice later today.

Essentially, if you follow these two simple steps, you’ll be able to steal targeted and qualified prospects who are engaging with your competitors on social media. You’ll then have the opportunity to gain more qualified fans and followers and be able to engage directly with them yourself.


1. Find out who engages on your competitor’s Fan Page

We all know that just because a Facebook page has a ton of fans, not every fan in engaging with the page. Many of the fans could be fake (new blog post coming soon on fake Facebook fans!), or they could have blocked the Page’s posts from their News Feed.

If you remember, I wrote about Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm here and here. I also wrote about the ‘old’ News Feed algorithm, Edgerank. This allows Facebook to chose what each user sees in their News Feed.

The more a user engages with a Page (likes, shares, comments, clicks), the more status updates that user will see from that Page. And, as Neil points out, “The higher the percentage of engaged users you have – fans who comment, share, or like your wall posts, the more Facebook will show your content to other people.”

So when analyzing your competitors Facebook Page, look for fans who are actively engaged on the page. Neil advises us to use Social Lead Freak, a tool that allows you to find out who is active on your competitor’s Facebook Page. You simply enter your competitors Facebook Page and guess what happens? You end up getting all the Facebook user ID’s of all active members on that page! Perfect huh!?


Here’s Where The Magic Happens

When you have that info, this is where the magic happens. You set up a Facebook advertising campaign and target this brand new list you have of your competitor’s qualified engaged users.

This is the way you steal Facebook fans brilliantly. You’re only dealing with the most active users. Think about how much more Facebook and website traffic you can gain if you’re publishing equality and relevant content regularly.

I tried to test out Social Lead Freak myself but it seems the site is down because of updates required due to changes in the Facebook API. A message on the site says: “During updates/changes on Facebook API, Social Lead Freak is not available for temporary time. In 2 weeks the sales page will be available to public again.”

For an example of how Social Lead Freak works, check out this video.


2. Analyze your competition

The above tool is not the be all and end all of stealing your competitor’s Facebook fans. You’re still going to want to analyze how your competition interacts and engages on Facebook.

For details on this step and more of Neil’s insights on this subject, read the full article here.

Easy right? While you’re at it, I should let you know about some more changes at Facebook. You may need to change up your company Page branding. Facebook has new image dimensions for 2014. Follow that link for a handy infographic you can take away.

For an added tip, if you’re wondering about improving your Facebook Page engagement and what type of content to post in your feed, check out this article on Facebook News Feed Spam and remember to never ever ask for “likes”. If you do, your Page can be punished by Facebook.


Would love to know your thought’s on this approach and if you’ve had any success with stealing your competitor’s Facebook fans. Please let us know in the comments.


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