How Tagging Photos On Twitter Makes Your Brand More Social

Tagging photos on Twitter and multiple photo uploadsTagging Photos on Twitter and Multiple Photo Uploads

In the world of social media, SEO, and digital marketing as a whole, things change pretty much every day. It’s ridiculous but it is what it is. Change is good, and Twitter proves that with this latest update to their mobile app. Have you ever wanted to start tagging photos on Twitter or to upload multiple photos in one Tweet?

Two brand new features are being rolled out and this is huge news for content marketers and social media managers who have clients with sharable, compelling, visual content.

According to a blog post this week, Twitter is rolling out 2 new mobile features that not only make photos on Twitter way more social, but these changes will also make sharing visual content on Twitter much more engaging. If used strategically, your Twitter engagement should see a dramatic increase.


Two New Twitter Mobile Features

1. Photo Tagging

I just realized how weird this is. Can you believe you were never able to tag tweeps in a photo you shared? You could @ mention them in the copy, but that meant taking up valuable characters in your tweet (which only allows 140 characters total). But now, welcome the ability for tagging photos on Twitter.

It totally makes sense that Twitter is now allowing users to tag people in photos. You can tag up to 10 people in one photo. This should create easy conversations between those tagged as well as their followers who chose to engage with that content.

If you do get tagged in a photo you will get a notification indicating so. Of course you may not want certain people to tag you in a photo, so Twitter allows you to adjust notifications and choose who can tag you. This all happens in your Settings. For more information on posting photos and photo tagging, read this Twitter Help Centre article.

Here’s an example of the what you’ll see when you’re tagging photos on Twitter:


Tagging photos on Twitter


2. Share Up To 4 Photos In a Single Tweet

This one is just perfect for those companies sharing photos. Twitter now allows you to share a series of 4 photos that automatically render in a collage. Users would tap the preview to get the full image – containing 4 photos.

As of now, multiple photo sharing is out for iPhone and will be coming very soon to Android and

It’s important to note that whether you’re on iPhone, Android, or on desktop, you can view Tweets with multiple photos.

Additionally important to know, both these new features – photo tagging and tweets with multiple photos – will display in embedded tweets!

Here’s an example showing how you’d upload multiple photos on Twitter:


Multi Photo Upload - New Twitter Mobile Feature


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