Top 30 UX Stats Your Competition Doesn’t Know About…Yet

30 UX Statistics You Dont Want To Miss VPDM Digital Marketing St.Catharines

The Elements of User Experience That Matter in 2016

If your website has been ignoring any of the elements of user experience, that Google deems to be important, you could be losing out on tons of qualified traffic. Today, and going into 2016, having a mobile-friendly website is more important than ever. For example:

Starting April 21st, Moovweb tracked “1,000 important e-commerce keywords” from various industries. Here are their findings:

  • 83% of the time, top results were mobile-friendly
  • 81% of the time, top three results were mobile-friendly
  • 77% of search results on the first page were mobile-friendly

This should show you how important it is for your business to have a mobile- friendly website.

30 User Experience Statistics You Should Not Ignore

Mobile-capable website’s are so important in this generation. With the UX stats shown above it’s evident that there is so much more internet browsing going on over mobile phones than just browsing through apps.

But not everyone is the same. We all know that elderly people aren’t going to be browsing the web with their smartphones (if they even have one). They will most likely be looking at your website on a desktop computer.

On the other hand teenagers and adults are more likely to be looking things up on their smartphones rather than on a computer.

So it’s important you know who your main target markets are.

Knowing this will ultimately increase your reach, engagement and encourage users to stay on your website rather than leave for another site.

Below we will provide you with an awesome infographic that we found on Experience Dynamics that will show you just how important it is.

VPDM Digital Marketing Can Help  Mobile User Experience Design & Best Practices

For more information on the benefits of a mobile-friendly website, check out “Yes, A Mobile Friendly Website Affects Your Search Rankings” . This will help you out with a more in depth description and stats stating the importance of mobile-friendly content.

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